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Michael Boatman's Books

Last God Standing
When God decides to quit and join the human race to see what all the fuss is about, all Hell breaks loose. Sensing his abdication, the other defunct gods of Earth’s vanquished pantheons want a piece of the action He abandoned. Meanwhile, the newly-humanised deity must discover the whereabouts and intentions of the similarly reincarnated Lucifer, and block the ascension of a...
Revenant Road
Bestselling crime writer Obadiah Grudge has got it all: money, fame and a heavy drinking problem. But when he learns of a violent death in the family, his otherwise predictable life ignites in a firestorm of supernatural violence. Everything Grudge thought he knew about his estranged father was wrong, his only legacy one of darkness and horror. His father was the world's...
THE RED WAKE: Book One: Paladin's Trial
When alien starships appear over Earth's major cities, humanity struggles to understand the visitors' intentions. But uncertainty becomes terror when a plague of violence ignites chaos in the streets. Brother turns against brother, wife against husband, child against parent, as the Red Wake plunges Earth into chaos. But as the survivors struggle to stay alive, the new masters of...
SICK THINGS: Featuring my story, Jimmy Sticks And The Outlaw Critter Of Doom. My homage to The Crow.
 Jimmy Bohannon, a murdered jazz drummer, is given a chance to avenge his own homicide as the living dead wraith "Jimmy Sticks." But the ultraviolent mystical creature who offers him revenge is not exactly what he expected, in JIMMY STICKS AND THE OUTLAW CRITTER OF DOOM. Sick Things: Extreme Creature Horror. Adult.
Sagescover3-3-2008 2;06;44 PM.jpg
Molo Kananda is an ugly, awkward kid who tends pigs for a living. But he has one talent, the ability to understand. When the Princess who loves him is threatened by a necromancer and his undead assassin, Molo's gifts propel him into a hero's dilemma.
This is the alternate cover, which never saw print. But since it features The Far Traveller (my hero) I had to use it here.
Manny Milagro is an average American kid with two problems: One, he shares his body and mind with one of the most powerful superheroes ever to walk the Earth. Two: He's dying of a rare disease that's rapidly killing them both. Add to that the minor consideration that several ultraviolent supervillains are trying to kill them too, and things get more complicated.
Daikaijucover3-3-2008 2;05;05 PM.jpg
The story of Ken Obutu, mild-mannered contestant on a futuristic version of Survivor; only on this reality show the monsters are actually worse than the contestants.
hg3-3-2008 2;28;16 PM.jpg
Two idiots, one tiny boat, a big gun and a flesh-eating killer mermaid on the prowl...but for very different reasons.
The Revenant Road, Book I in my upcoming series, The Strange Damnation of Obadiah Grudge
Obadiah Grudge, bestselling crime writer, social critic, alcoholic...monster hunter. When Grudge is faced with the brutal murder of his estranged father, Marcus, he must come to terms with his own anger and bitterness in the wake of his passing. But flesh- eating monsters, vampires and creatures from humanity's darkest nightmares are determined to make his comprehension second to...
The Pleasure of Pain. Book II of, THE RAVENOUS
Neema Umayma, a fledgling member of The Sisterhood of Shadows, must confront an ancient enemy believed long dead. When her best friend is murdered at the hands of a vampire, Neema is forced to use her powers in ways she never imagined. Wounded and desperate to understand the truth of her strange heritage, Neema must kill in order to save herself from a fate worse than death. But...
A beautiful young woman finds herself at the mercy of two dangerous psychotics. But the murderers are put on the defensive when the young woman reveals that there is far more to her than meets the eye. Neema must save her life, and discover the truth of her terrifying powers. But there are other forces at work in the city that want to see Neema and all human life, enslaved or dead. 
Weird Tales #347 featuring my anti-zombie story, A Father's Work
A man with an idyllic life is traumatized when that life is suddenly overturned by the zombie apocalypse. But the ultraviolent homicidal "zombies' are living, breathing human beings, victims of an alien infection. And one of them is his son.
God Laughs When You Die.gif
A host of drug dealers meets a foe they cannot kill. The president accidentally invites demons into the country and watches the pope turn into a sabertooth tiger. A man, dead since 1920, lives again in present day Los Angeles to satiate a malevolent goddess. "These tales by Michael Boatman will disturb, terrify and traumatize you. Boatman grabs you by throat and drags you...
ddIII33-3-2008 2;03;02 PM.jpg
Hadley Shimmerhorn is preparing to audition for her favorite talent show, American Icon, when the zombie apocalypse comes to Valhalla, Illinois. The problem: Valhalla is surrounded by cemeteries, hospitals and retirement villages. The dead are rising, ravenous for human flesh. Thousands of hungry corpses swarm between Hadley and superstardom, but George Romero never envisioned a...
ddII3-3-2008 2;00;48 PM.jpg
Marcellus Craft is a successful young attorney who's got it all: good looks, a great job. He's also got overbearing parents who badger him about finding Miss Right. But they'll only accept a special kind of girl for their son, the right kind of girl from the right kind of people. But Marc's already got his dreamgirl. She lives in the subway and he brings her dead things as love...