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American Soldier - Awesome Poem (Original)

A beautiful poem read by an American Soldier.
There's an intense reality that comes with being an American soldier. If we look at some of the younger generation of veterans: Michael Anthony, Ryan Conklin, Colby Buzzell, David Bellavia Mathew Gallagher, Ryan Smithson, Pat Tillman, Etc. We see a vastly different group that isn't defined by one trait or ideology. Soldiers are all different and every person joins for their own reasons.

The poem is read by Michael Anthony and what he tries to do with this poem is just give a brief smidgen of what it's like to be an American Soldier. Things aren't all good and thing's aren't all bad. That's life.

A while back Michael had read a poem by Carol Wimmer, the poem was titled, "When I Say I Am a Christian." He read the poem and although he's not a Christian, he was still able to appreciate the poem, and falling in love with the iambic pentameter--or whatever its called. Almost instantly his mind rewrote the poem, and "When I say I am an American Soldier" was born. And personally, I like this version better.

For more information, and the lyrics, go to: http://www.MassCasualties.com/