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Ten Tips to Being a Real Man
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1. A Real Man Takes Charge of His Life.

Too many people are just floating around, letting the tides of happen-chance dictate what happens.  A real man is in control of his own destiny and chooses where he wants to go.  He does stagnate in any one part of life, or any one emotions or any one anything.  He knows that life will go on without him, and that if he fails to make his own choices and choose his own path, then someone else will do so for him.

A man opens the door he wants and closes the doors that he doesn’t want. He forms a clear picture of what he wants and goes towards that picture, allowing nothing to stand in his way.  He knows that what he wants is hard to get and hard to accomplish, but he understand the army axiom “I will never accept defeat.  I will never quit.”  And he allows that determination and motivation to guide him in his actions. 

He believes in himself and doesn’t need others to believe in him, his own belief is enough.  Allow though he is smart enough to seek advice and listen to his peers, ultimately he will follow his own heart and his own gut, and do what he knows is right based on his opinion, and not others.

2. A Man Puts His Legacy First.

A man is a man above all.  He isn’t a father before he’s a man, he isn’t a husband, brother, or friend, before he’s a man.  He is a man above all and his duty towards his own masculinity and personal legacy is his number one goal.  This doesn’t mean that a man neglects his duties as a father, husband, etc.  It merely means that he knows that a real man is a good example for his son and daughter and he knows that a wife wants a real man, so he acts in accordance. 

A man’s legacy consists of his principles and the things he values in life: Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage, and Responsibility.  A man takes charge of what is his, and ultimately he realizes that the only true things he can control are his own principles and values and his reactions to situations that test his values and principles.

Although he’s not willing to be domesticated, he is willing to accept the responsibility of greater challenges. He will never shrink from his duty, nor become less of a man. When all others see a man that is committed and unyielding, they may not support him but they will respect and trust him.  A man knows that the quickest way for him to lose the respect and trust of others is to violate his principles and values, and not live up to his standards.

A man demands more from himself than all others would expect. 

3. A Man Understands that Failure is Just a Context.

A man understands that every mistakes is a lesson to be learned.  He understands that mistakes are acceptable as long as he learns from them.  He understands that it is better to have tried and failed, then to have never tried at all. 

A man trusts himself and will not listen to the fears of others.  If a real issue or concern rises he will tack appropriate actions, but his actions will not be taken in a fearful mindset, instead, they will be taken in a trusting and responsible mindset.  A man believes in himself.  He knows that if he fails he can easily stand back up and try again.

A man knows that it doesn’t matter how many times he gets knocked down, but that it’s about how many times he can get knocked down and still get up.  A man knows that a ship isn’t build to stay in port; it must set sail and test itself against the roughness of the open ocean.  A man will not shy away from a challenge that he poses to himself.

4. A Man, Above All, Believes in Himself.

A man is his attitude, and a man’s attitude is one of belief in himself.

A man doesn’t “fake it till you make it” he doesn’t have to fake anything, he knows that he can accomplish what he sets his mind to, and that if he doesn’t immediately accomplish the mission, he can use his failure to learn from and try and try again.  A man will never be afraid of drying, will trying.  A man doesn’t care who’s for or against him, he knows that he is for himself, and that’s all that matters.  

A man is willing to have seven billion people doubt him, but as long as he still trusts himself, he will be fine.  He will accept fate, but not fear. 

5. A Man Expresses All Aspects of Himself: He Shares Himself fully.

A man does not shy for emotions.  He doesn’t see love or beauty as “girly.”  A real man is a man who appreciates that a man is rewarded for being a man, and his reward is the beauty of the universe, and the love of a good woman.  A man is guided by his heart and his gut, and his heart and gut are an expression of his innerself: an innerself that is full of emotion.

A man isn’t afraid to accept or experience any emotion.  He doesn’t shy away or care about how he is perceived.    If he feels like crying, he cries.  If he feels like laughing, he laughs.  A man knows how to experience emotion, but he also knows how to deal with emotion.  A man can control his anger.  A man doesn’t allow others to control his emotion.  If someone does something that affects or effects him, a man knows that he still has the choice on how to act and how to feel.

A man understands that emotions are neither good nor bad, and that he has the option how and when to experience the emotions. 

6. A Man Understands Sex.

A man is in charge of his sexuality.  He understands the circle of life and gladly accepts his role in the creation and continuation of the species.  He understands that men and women both have different roles in society and the world; one is giver and the other a receiver.  And he accepts both roles.  He doesn’t classify men and women as different, or one superior to the other, just that both have different jobs in this world.

A man knows that his sexual energy just doesn’t fall around the single aspect of sex.  He understands that sexual energy is what has propelled society forward.  He understands that sexual energy is the energy of creation and he can either use it to create a humanbeing or a building, or a piece of artwork, or a business, or anything.  Man is one half of what creates man. 

7. A Man And His Fear.

A man understands that courage isn’t the absence of fear; he understands that courage is the decision that what he wants is more important than his fear.  He doesn’t allow an emotion to stop him.  If a logical issue arises he will take the time to appropriate assess it; however, for all emotions that arise, none of them will stop him.   A man doesn’t see fear as a reason to run away, he sees fear as a reason to run towards.  He is curious about what he is afraid of. 

Fear tells man to be afraid of a saber tooth tiger.  A man is curious enough and smart enough to know that if his fear is appropriate and that he should stay away from a saber tooth tiger, a man knows that if he gets together with enough fellow men, that he can conquer and kill that saber tooth tiger.  A man knows that he is strongest around other real men.

8. A Man Respects Other Men

Real men are not in competition with one another.  They know that the world is big enough for the both of them, and they are not afraid of loss or resources, etc.  They know that they are more powerful when working together, which is why real men seek each other out and use each other to accomplish great things. 

A man doesn’t tell other men what to do; he merely sets examples and allows men to follow his example or to set their own.  A man never tells another man not to do something, he only offers alternative insights and views. 

A man encourages greatness in himself and other men.

9. A Man Knows that He is Responsible For His Life and Relationships

A man chooses who he surrounds himself with.  If someone in his circle is negative, or brining down his energy, he either removes the person or removes himself.  A man understands that he is the average of the people he surrounds himself with, which is why he surrounds himself with other real man.  A man seeks out men who are more accomplished than him, he seeks to learn from these men.  He never experiences jealous or what another man may have, he merely exhibits curiosity on how the man got what he had, and how other men can also achieve or get it.

A man doesn’t blame his situations and experiences on those within his circle.  He takes responsibility for what happens and blames no one but himself.  A man knows how he wants to be treated and does not accept any second rate behavior, nor does he give any second rate behavior.

A man understands that his reality is his reality, and all others are merely guests in his reality. 

10. A Man is Remembered.

If a man is truly a man, than he will be remembered after his death.  This does not mean that is name or face will specifically be remembered, but his accomplishments and affect and effect on the world will be remembered.  A man will know that once he’s died he has left the world a better place and has set an example for the rest of mankind.  When a man dies he seeks to have left a gift, a gift of his life.   A man is don’t afraid of death and understands that he may day at any moment.

If it were a Monday afternoon and a man had on his schedule to plant an apple tree at noon, if at 11:45 that man found out that he was going to die, he would still go and plant that apple tree.  A man will live his life a way that if he were to die, he would not need to spend his last moments making amends, apologize or telling people how much he loves then.  He will make sure that people know where he stands and no words are necessary, either in love or ill. 

A man understands that death is one challenge that he will succumb to, he accepts this not in defeat, but rather in knowledge and uses it to his advantage.  He lives his life in the shadow of death, knowing that he could die at any moment, he appreciates every moment that he does have, and he never wastes a moment.

A man, most importantly, is a man who accepts himself for what he is and he challenges himself to be greater and to do greater.

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