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Short Story
The Chicago Quarterly Review, Volume 14, 2012
  The Comeback Tour              When Lindy’s husband was fifty-three he decided he wanted braces. “Explore. Dream. Discover,” he said. Lindy admired his forward thinking, even though the supposedly invisible braces were totally visible--plastic guarding his mouth, and since he was executive chef in...
the anthology Encyclopedia, Volume 1, A-E
              Escaping The Ending       My grandfather remembers each of his aunts for her extraordinary life, except Regina, who is remembered for her death. Sixty years ago, in Poland, my great, great aunt Regina leapt from a third story balcony. The end of her story was the...
The Rumpus
  Saturday Rumpus Essay: All Tied Up: Homeland and The Female Fabulists By Micah Perks April 13th, 2013 When I first met the journalist, feminist cultural critic and all around genius Susan Faludi several years ago, I was delighted to discover that we were both working on Mary Rowlandson. Mary Rowlandson: author of the first book by a woman in the...
From The Rumpus
SATURDAY RUMPUS INTERVIEW WITH BEN STRADER BY MICAH PERKS January 26th, 2013 I spent the first ten years of my life on a commune in the Adirondack wilderness of New York State, then the commune broke up and my family moved away. When I was in my early twenties I returned to the Adirondacks for a month long residency at The Blue Mountain Center. You...