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Eagles in a nest
I just came back from a vacation with the man with whom I live and David Attenborough, who bobs around in my brain and lectures to me whenever I am in a situation that showcases nature.If I were to start a religion, I would use David Attenborough as the centerpiece because in his BBC documentaries...
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Pintopickle pie
I just got back from a vacation to Utah and Colorado. While I figure out what to say about it, here is something I saw.
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Ah, duct tape.
Well, I knew there would eventually be something I would like about aging . Swine flu is it. The LAST theoretical swine flu epidemic (at the cusp of the eighties) was my first official recorded WTF? moment. It was  when  I started keeping a list because after the panic over nothing much died down,...
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Bob Dylan's Biggest Fans
Only a few people in entertainment retain real icon status for me. Bob Dylan is one. And so, I thought I would use the release of his newest album as an occasion to expound on my quote unquote relationship to the guy who had such a huge impact on my ideas about music and creativity when I was a kid...
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Lovable lice!
In the middle of a world of seemingly endless catastrophes, there is good news for messy people today! First, let me say that I am not endorsing messiness necessarily. I am simply saying that it is an affliction from which I suffer. For my entire life I have  struggled on a daily basis not to be...
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Teeny baby possum
Two things. 1.  Once a week I  volunteer at the California Wildlife Center in the baby ward where I help care for abandoned California wildlife. Right now that means mostly baby possums and squirrels but baby bird season hits in about 5 minutes.(Cups hand to ear) I think I just heard it hit. I'll...
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I am a kinda sorta vegetarian. As long as I am willing to think of fish as a vegetable. But  I am vegetarian at heart because for most of my life I have been on The Aww Diet.  If  a potential meal ingredient causes me to say “Aw”, then I don’t eat it. ( Even though peas make me say Aw.)( And, let’s...
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Of course.
I found this ad for Camel cigarettes yesterday in a Christmas issue of Women's Home Companion from 1936. In case you can't read it, the copy says "Of course you'll give cigarettes for Christmas. They're such an acceptable gift- such an easy solution of your problem." (sic.That I think it...
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Me  as Mr. Boils!
 Also on sale right now: Plague Masks! Perfect for any occasion or just enjoy them in the privacy of your own home!
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The laughs come fast and furious with Plague Puppets.
Damn!. The best thing about Passover is the big sale on Plague Puppets the next day. I got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond. They're all so bright and cheerful. But I think my favorite is Mr. Boils. Yes, Mr. Blood has a lot going for him. And who doesn't immediately fall for Mr. Lice? I like how he is...
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The string of which I speak.
1.    I am apparently stuck wearing a piece of smelly filthy string around my wrist for the rest of my life.The way it happened is that I arranged to have myself  blessed-and- healed by Buddhist Monks in 1996.  I did it for a couple of reasons, some of them ironic.  For instance , the fact that the...
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Merrill's Strawberry Mushlet
I have just started writing another book. That means I have a lot of other things I suddenly have to be doing all day long. Robert Benchley explained this phenomenon very well in about 1930 in an essay called "How to Get Things Done" where he proposes the following key psychological...
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There was an article in the NYT last Saturday about drinking and female health that I tore out for purposes of contemplation and have been staring at all morning. Why? Because I like to drink. Not as much as I used to like to drink.  I used to really really like to drink. Now I only kind of like it...
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Yesterday I went racing in to the room where I keep the TV at 6:20 because I realized I had forgotten to watch Obama's speech . When I turned it on, he was smiling and shaking hands with well wishers. I thought that meant it was over and I had missed it and I was kind of sad.  Turned out it hadn't...
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slugs mating.jpg
I tivoed the Academy Awards because I wanted to see Slumdog Millionaire win everything. That giddy expression that Dev Patel makes is the best thing I have seen on TV in years. But the rest of that darned show is , for me, completely unwatchable . I still don't  get what anyone likes about adult...
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