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Why the Married Women of 1934 were just a teensy bit grouchy
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Doing some research last night I came upon this ad about the pesky problem of marital hygiene in an old issue of Ladies Home Journal. It features the two words every woman longs to hear.

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Oh, my...

I'm sure that's just what she wanted to hear...

And here's a woman who follows what her doctor says and uses Lysol:

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I think when she says she

I think when she says she broke through it, she is talking about the searing pain. Unless she means the walls of her uterus. In either case, I think that is why she has to sit in his lap instead of get her own chair. She needs the extra cushioning.

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Thank you both for sharing these.

"Germ-killing." Wow.

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LIfe in the 50's was even

LIfe in the 50's was even better




I'm still working on the training here.  :)

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I'm looking lovingly at my bottle of Lysol right now

Ummm, I think I know what I'll be doing tonite when I get home.

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Now I know why I haven't

Now I know why I haven't been on a date since 1982--I forgot the Lysol!! Susan

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okay Susan, I have a plan...

We're getting you on e-Harmony, lady. We'll get a picture of you holding a Lysol can.  The men will be flocking to your door!

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self-cleaning oven

Scrub the toilet and your vagina? Ugh.
One is self-cleaning, the other isn't - especially with a man in the house!
Thanks for sharing, Merrill! LOL

Please don't try this at home!

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Conjugal felicity. Wow, what we have lost!

Interesting that manufacturers in those days did not find it necessary to use the TM sign, but quotation marks which have an almost self-deprecatory ring. In this instance I think we can rejoice that the mission to annihilate germs had not met with the 'uber-hype' ie.Barry Scott!