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Plague Puppets on sale, too late for Passover.
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The laughs come fast and furious with Plague Puppets.

Damn!. The best thing about Passover is the big sale on Plague Puppets the next day. I got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond. They're all so bright and cheerful. But I think my favorite is Mr. Boils. Yes, Mr. Blood has a lot going for him. And who doesn't immediately fall for Mr. Lice? I like how he is licking his lips, though I am not sure why. Perhaps he can not wait to bite someone. Mr. First Born is a bit too much like Dracula, though I think he is supposed to represent the dead. And Mr. Hail looks a little too much like Mr. Bozo the Clown. But no matter who you like best,  now is the time to stock up on them because they're fun for all ages. And they're only on sale once a year!  Plague Puppets! Religion is fun again! Sort of.