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Baby Possums and a Book Fair
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Teeny baby possum

Two things.

1.  Once a week I  volunteer at the California Wildlife Center in the baby ward where I help care for abandoned California wildlife. Right now that means mostly baby possums and squirrels but baby bird season hits in about 5 minutes.(Cups hand to ear) I think I just heard it hit. I'll just wait for a second while all the laughter dies down. Anyway, you can see a video of teeny baby possums being held by me, if you can believe your believe your good luck , right here at http://merrillmarkoe.com/blog because I just updated my website so I could do stuff like this. Now all I have to do is figure out what I mean by that.

2. And as if that weren't enough, on the outside chance that anyone cares, (a long shot, I'll admit) I feel that I should probably mention that I am going to be on two panels at The L.A. Times Festival of Books this coming Sunday at UCLA.(if there still is an L.A. Times by then.) The  first one is called "Fiction: Laugh Track" and is at 10:30 AM . It says " Franz 1178," whatever that means. The second one is called " Page&Screen" and is at 3 pm  at Young Hall CS 50. As far as I can tell, there will be no baby marsupials or rodents there that day. But this is Los Angeles so there probably will be plenty of weasels.