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Annoying person helped by new reality show.
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I don’t watch that much reality TV. Although I am hooked on “Intervention” and “Obsessed.” And I did go to a friend’s house to watch the season closer of The Bachelor.But for the most part, the stuff slithers past me . Until today. Because I just read a review of a new show in the L.A. Times that provides the first really concrete reason to stand behind reality shows as a genre.Below is part of the article that caught my eye. The premise of the show is another behind the scenes glimpse of a pair of young newlyweds. Bla bla bla. Soon they will be taking out mutual restraining orders.

HOWEVER the bride half of the couple explains that by watching herself on camera she now realizes how annoying she is! That is almost unheard of among the annoying . And she certainly does look annoying. I am glad she is not a relative of mine. But even more amazing, she wants to apologize to her family! Everything about this gives me hope in a whole new way! . Because lets face it; how often does an annoying person of her caliber come to understand the truth about themselves and offer sympathy to others! I am kind of relieved that she is not saying she is going to change, since that would be one of the seven signs of the apocalypse. Rather, she simply seems to have come to understand that annoying people is what she does.And has learned to feel a teensy bit bad for the people who must come in contact with her. I believe that is a very good start. And since it appears to be written that everyone everywhere is going to be on a reality show at some point, if even a small percentage of the truly annoying people could have this kind of a revelation, what a brighter happier world this would be! Fixing the American population of annoying people one reality show at a time! Now if there was just a central place that we could all contact to make sure that a lot more annoying people get to star in their own shows. Oh wait. I guess that’s E!

TCA Press Tour: 'Giuliana & Bill' not afraid of the newlywed reality show curse


The drama of “Giuliani & Bill” will also be, well, pretty mundane. The couple said episodes will focus on the everyday stresses and strains on the recently married: moving into a house, starting a family and, in their case, commuting cross-country.

In contrast, she said being on the show has improved their relationship.

Giuliana said she also realized how “annoying” she could be on camera.

“I’m like the most annoying person!” she said. “If I didn’t have the show, I’d have never known. Now I apologize to my family for being annoying.”


   "Giuliana & Bill" premieres Aug. 5










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Oh Lordy

I realize how annoying I am. Therefore I want to annoy as many people as possible by displaying my annoyingness in as many people's living rooms as possible. Oh Lordy. Will you take Advil during commercials?


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Are there enough channels

Are there enough channels and programming hours in the day to accommodate all the annoying people?