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Finding My Voice, Owning My Story

At a certain point I had this breakthrough—I was really blocked, and I started saying this thing to myself: ‘You're the only person who can write this story.’ And that signaled more confidence in my voice. I stopped trying to write like other writers, all of whom were male, and just learned to be myself on the page.

–Me, quoted on Salon.com, June 15th, 1999

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I'm going to try that!

Hi Melissa, I don't know if you remember me, but we were at Cornell together, briefly, in any case--I like your quote, and have enjoyed reading your work over the years as well.

Micah Perks 

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Hey Micah, Of course I

Hey Micah,
Of course I remember you.
Thanks for reading my work.
How's your own writing going?

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Writing like you

I really like that quote. A writing student of mine, who got an advanced degree at Stanford in creative writing or english, said that one of her professors told her that no "love story" can be literature, and that real "literature" is about fishing, which is really about war.

I'm glad that you (and she) stopped listening to those sorts of voices and found your own. You're absolutely right that you're the only one who can write your story. An empowering realization. And it's necessary to write in your own voice to truly be successful, to break new ground. Look at what you've accomplished!

Great to have you here inspiring others, old friends and new readers.

Ivory Madison
Founder and CEO, redroom.com