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It makes me happy to see that many people are reading my blog.  This isn’t because I have a secret ambition to be Master Blogger of the Universe, but because it means people are learning more about childhood cancer. I know I’ve been a little tough on you lately, expecting you to click “Likes” on...
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Childhood Cancer
That Facebook page that I have told you about asking Oprah to do a show on childhood cancer has grown to over 14,000 “Likes.” What is truly heartbreaking is that people have posted story after story after story of children with cancer. As I read the stories, it touches me deeply to know that many...
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Grace by Melinda Marchiano
The Coast Hills Foundation fundraiser for the Children’s Miracle Network and Cottage Hospital was a lot of fun and the best part of it all is that they raised quite a sum of money! Gosh, they did an incredible job organizing this event! It made me happy to see so many people having fun and at the...
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Let's Help Courageous Cancer Kids
As of today, there are over 10,000 “likes” on the newly created Facebook  page asking Oprah to do a show on childhood cancer. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Oprah-Please-Do-A-Show-On-Childhood-Cancer-Our-Kids-Need-Your-Help/156632377680799?ref=ts If you would, please “like” the page as well. Please...
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My Last Day of Chemo at Cottage
Many children who are treated for cancer are treated at Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. Cottage Children’s Hospital, where I was treated, is a Children’s Miracle Network hospital. When CMN raises funds, money collected goes directly to your local children’s hospital. Can you imagine the...
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I am not quite ready to move on from CureSearch and how they support Children’s Oncology Group. I remember one of my first appointments with my oncologist, Dr. Dan, when he told us about CureSearch and Children’s Oncology Group. He was very enthusiastic about how the “Pediatric World of Cancer”...
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Today, I want to tell you about CureSearch. The work that CureSearch has done in the past to support the Children’s Oncology Group  has very likely led to my life being saved. This is an amazing association of more than 5,000 experts in this field who are passionately dedicated to eradicating...
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Lance Armstrong at the Tour of California 2009 Time Trials in Solvang
  The information in this link makes me very happy! http://www.wapiyapiclassic.com/ On September 26, Lance Armstrong will ride to help Wapiyapi raise money for families affected by childhood cancer. I can imagine that Lance has his schedule packed with events– that he would take time to do this...
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Help for the Children
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgC6YKlrG9A There is a newly created Facebook page with the title above that I would love to have all of you “like.” Even though this page was just created yesterday, there are already over 2,000 people who have joined in the request. There is so much that people need...
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Let's Help The Children
My friends, today I have another “free” opportunity to show how much you care about improving the lives of children with cancer. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/CureChildhoodCancer/ Also, have you ever wondered how much you really do know about childhood cancer? Have you ever wondered how much you...
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God loves His Children
This link is about a little girl who is fighting brain cancer– written by her loved ones as Samantha struggles between life and death. http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/samanthaarnett There are still tears in my eyes from reading this. I’m not posting this to make you cry as well, but because...
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Hugs filled with Grace
Today I am offering another suggestion for what you might do to observe National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. This suggestion is one that does not cost even a dime. You will need two arms that you can wrap around a child, and just a bit of your time. It’s time to hug that child with cancer, or...
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Just giving you a heads up… September is upon us. My school started a couple of weeks ago, and my brothers both left for college. I miss them already. So now, my friends, what does Childhood Cancer Awareness Month mean to you? Have you ever known a child with cancer? Have you ever known a family...
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More Grace in my Life
My brother, Dean, is 19 today. He’s getting ready to go back to Westmont College this weekend. I have loved having him home for the summer!!!!! When we were little, Dean and I would play together every day. We both loved stuffed animals, and we would play with them for hours. Sometimes they...
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My oh my-- Grace!
My goodness, my goodness! Do you ever get so busy in life that you feel things are swirling around you???????? Well, this would be me these past three weeks:) The really difficult thing about not posting for a long time is that so much happens in that time that I have a hard time condensing the...
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