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I read something today that illustrates the width and depth of the needs of the Land of Childhood Cancer. I read about a boy fighting cancer. His father lost his job and now his son has no medical insurance. If you are a parent, please imagine your child fighting for his/her life while your financial world crumbles around you. Would you feel helpless, hopeless, forgotten?

Today, I would like each reader to put themselves into the shoes of this father.

What are we thinking—what are we doing—when our taxes pay for medical care for criminals in prison, but this father finds himself in this horrible position? This father is not alone. There are many, many other families (even those with “good” insurance) who find themselves financially devastated from the insurmountable medical bills. I find it very, very interesting that in the world of Childhood Cancer Parents, not one speaks about this… all of their focus is on the children.

But for today, I want to focus on the parents who provide support that is beyond what any parent should ever have to face. I love you, all of you parents of children with cancer. Your job is huge, and your hearts are even bigger.

I thank you.

Today, I salute you.

This is someone who has not forgotten you…


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