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A Twitter Book Club?
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How does one discuss a book in 140 characters or less? I just came across an announcement of a publisher establishing a Twitter Book Club to help spread the word about its authors’ books. I’ve visited book clubs for discussions of The Wednesday Sisters in person, by phone, and even online, but never in such small bits. And I do twitter. Still, I’m not sure. Is this an intriguing concept, or entirely too short a space to say anything meaningful about any fine book? I’d love to hear your thoughts! - Meg

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Subtract the ter The end

Subtract the ter
The end result remains

Excise the wit
For there's not a bit.

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Sounds like it would be great publicity for the lucky authors whose names and book titles will go flying out into the ether repeatedly on a certain day, in some abbreviated form ("Wed Sis was fab!"). : ) But I don't see how it would do much to enrich the reading experience of the members of the book club. If you don't get to talk over the details, the questions, the issues with the other readers, you might as well read entirely on your own.


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It could be cool

I'm terrible at Twittering (Tweeting?) personally -- short form isn't my forte -- but I do think that distilling one's thoughts to 140 characters could make for interesting book repartee.