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Expect the Unexpected

I was out doing what I do, when circumstance led me to a particular place. I was my usual smiley, happy self and belly laughed at the jokes we shared.  It was soon time to buckle down and be serious; concentrate on the information being given. A simple sentence was typed on a phone and shared with me; I smiled, stifling a laugh.  I responded by writing on the back of the handout.  We both smiled.  Throughout the session, we passed notes to and from like the teenagers we were; smiling and nodding in approval at each others' response.  

Each response became more demanding and erotic; detailing as best we could what we'd like to do to each other and when.  We stopped for lunch and parted... temporarily.  When we regrouped, we exchanged nods; silent mutual understanding of where things were leading to.  We resumed our note exchange and kept a watchful eye on the time. We were dismissed; at last.  We nodded at each other; exchanged pleasantries with others and retreated to the privacy of the store room... the written exchange had become a reality!