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I give this post two stars

So there is an online  book site ( I really love it, actually) and my book is already getting reviews (crazy, since it isn’t even released yet).

Here’s the thing about reviews…well, since I’ve never had a book, I’ve never gotten book reviews before.  And here’s what I learned from the experience so far…if these are any indication of things to come…some people are gonna like my book. And some people are gonna really, really hate it.

And I’ve decided… I’m just glad people are reading it at all. And I’ve got other books to write.  Lots of ‘em.  And people might like those too…or hate ‘em.  So there you go.

Once you figure that out…well….the whole thing is kind of funny.

Diana Herald

Masterfully written with some brilliant bits of humor, it is the story of Doug Schaffer, a sixteen-year-old boy in love who decides to become a meth addict to win the heart of a girl who is attracted to edgy boys. His brother who everyone, especially his mother, thinks is perfect is serving in Iraq. His father abandoned the family and moved to Mexico with his mistress. It yanks the reader in with a surefire hook to begin with, keeps the suspense up as one comes to care for Doug and what will happen to him, and resolves gracefully. The explicit sexual content and raw language will dissuade some readers.

Then she posted this on her Twitter a few days ago:

genrelibrarian‎: Have I mentioned my community is conservative? Mom of 18 year old went ballistic over HIGH BEFORE HOMEROOM. #bistrobookclub*

*The Dane’s response:  ”What’s ballistic?  I mean, it sounds like a good thing.”  Have I mentioned I heart my Danish boyfriend!