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When I was being treated for colorectal cancer, laying in bed, I saw a woman named Kris Carr appear as a guest on Oprah. She was in my age group and had been diagnosed with an "incurable" form of cancer. She had documented her experiences in the film, "Crazy, Sexy, Cancer." I remembered when the film had aired on television... but hadn't watched it. On Oprah she talked about all of the holistic practices she had incorporated in her life... drinking green veggie juice, yoga, vegan living, etc... in order to treat her cancer, and live a better life. I had already started down this path. I was vegan and using yoga as a way of addressing my cancer. Kris' attitude and work blew my mind, reinforcing what I believed to be true, and teaching me knew things in my approach to cancer. I "googled" her and found out that she had launched an online community, at my.crazysexylife.com, where many people were communicating with and supporting each other in this beautiful, positive, hopeful, and true attitude towards cancer. Their fellowship helped me immensely during my own time being treated for cancer, and afterwards.

 Once I had a finished copy of Our Farm, my new book, in my hands... a book I had been determined to write even more once I was diagnosed with cancer... I sat down and wrote Kris Carr a note, and sent it to her with a copy of the book. She responded by, in addition to being super sweet and positive, inviting me to write a guest blog entry for her CrazySexyLife.com blog site. I was so excited, and am still so honored to be a part of it. Here is the blog that I wrote:


 Thank you for listening :).