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The other day, I was talking to a 15 yr. old girl and, a 14 yr. old boy. The conversation was about the advantage and, disadvantages of the two sexes that came about because of a comment about, " that time of the month." The girl, whose name is Rachel said to the boy Calvin, " You are so lucky that you don't get your period." Rachel, went on and expressed how unbearable the cramps are. I was flabbergasted when I heard the response from Calvin. It hit me in a place that I was aware of yet, hearing it from his mouth was something no mother would ever want to hear. Calvin, went on to say, " Man, I'll take cramps any day because, you have no idea how hard it is to be a teenage boy these days. He said the following things are issues teenage boys have to struggle with every day.

1. You have to constantly, watch your back.

2. Guys run up on you for no reason or because, they think you're looking at them in a wrongful manner.

3. You have to maintain a strong mentality to say no to drugs, gangs and, peer pressure.

4. You have to choose between applying yourself and, being all you can be in school or, run the risk of getting jumped because you are smart.

5. Sometimes they have to appear to be dumb or, less intelligent and hope that because, you're not applying yourself you
won't get beaten up.

He also said, there are just so many obstacles in their way today that somehow being a girl, would seem much easier. It hurt me to hear this 14yr. old young man sound so distraught and, unsure of living from day to day just being a young male in today's society.

God bless these young men.

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