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Traumatized, by life’s indiscretions
Submerged in stereotypical
Caught-up in the mix
Can you fix, what's not broke?
The token mentality of the man
Disparity, is his plan
A thousand faces and, no place
To call your own
You're trapped in a world
Taught to hide and divide
Victimized by a crime, you didn't commit
You ask the question,
Will i ever be free, to just be me
And, walk the streets
Though unknown, be left alone?
Can i drive my car, no matter how far
And, not get stopped because, my skin
Is not, like the other?
Will they discover
The other side of prejudice
Or just, continue to suffer
The consequences of circumstance?
Is there a chance to enhance
The mind of the man
And, make him understand
That not all brothers
Are the same?
The game remains
But, the players
Do change.

Copyright 2006 By Maxine P. SoSo