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Magellan Stops Bye
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I accomadated

twisting turning anyway, just to make it easier for the box to fit into the shape

who cares  what comes from  the wears and tears from years of shoving it into place

who cares what cost they may come at

ah but we try to do so

because we felt love for one another in the safe mist of the dark grey worldly waves

because we felt the sex and moments of warmnth that spilled from our bodies was a sure sign

so we twist you and I, and for years we remain flexible

but when the night was nigh, I crawled into the armchair and asked the stars if Magellan could appear and guide me somewhere quiet and safe and one so far your not near...

I awaited Magellan and kept twisting until my spine snapped and I stood upright...

Being my own

guide post to  the sea

I stopped twisting and swam out as far as possible

now I float effortlessly upon the waves and stare up  on the

platform sky.....the waters are bright, hot and soothing...and

Magellean stops by on his two by four raft and tells me daily

"I am so glad you could make it!"