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  This morning, the sun was at a slight angle and its radiance came through the large icesicles that hung down in front of the kitchen window. The green pine tips were given a hue of yellow orange looking like sideways hats stuffed on a large head. Its a fine day to go to van's I called to my...
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There are times when I stop in the middle of the road. I could be driving or walking,  usually I am walking. The line of trees that stand along the street, line up across from one another and hang over the Street towards one another like dancers from some victorian age. The Dance,  where you see...
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Christmas seems to have been quietly preparing itself while I have stood on the sidelines looking the other way. I just realized today while the crowds were mingling about my town that the big holiday was this week. How is it possible to be in a cocoon while all this hustle and bustle goes on about...
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  When I woke up this morning I was cold. A small black dog was balled up at the side of me. My husband was buried like a mummy with the covers covering his whole body head included. He has a very round head and it looked just like one of those crypts that you see on tour at a science museum....
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  "Its suppose to snow like six Inches tonight!" says the grocer woman in the maroon instutional jacket uniform. "You act surprised," I say "its Northern Michigan it always snows in December." She smiles quietly. "I got the Farmers Almanac, says its going to...
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The Girl With Gratitude
Gratitude was an elusive word for me many years ago. I never thought of the word nor its meaning. Frankly, I didn't give a damn what I had to be grateful for cause I could not see the blessings in my path. I was a worn out twenty three year old who had drank and done drugs for as long as my memory...
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