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"The Chimera Seed is one of those books that you just can’t put down!"
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Lynda Jeffs
Simply Stacie

I like to read…a lot…..from self help books to romance novels, I’ll read them all! The Chimera Seed is one of those books that you just can’t put down! Plus the one thing I really liked is the font is big enough to read, you don’t have to have a magnifying glass to read the words!

From the very first chapter you are wrapped up in each character that unfolds, story line that is created, and every twist and turn of the book. By the middle to the end of the book you are hit with a twist you never see coming!

Watching Michael deal with his father’s death was hard, especially watching the anger he had. My own dad’s death wasn’t easy, I remember those same feelings. By the end of the book, the compassion you felt in the beginning was even stronger.

Reading this book makes you look at the lengths people will go to for money or power. How bad people really are when you add things like greed and obsession to the mix of things. It makes you look at what one would do if you were faced with eternal life!