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Like this, only not Fenway Fiction
Whether you celebrate the Fourth of July or not, you'll be able to celebrate the 6th or 7th or possibly BOTH days by getting signed books from me!   They won't be my books (unless Powell's City of Books in Portland, OR stock the Fenway Fiction series), but I'll sign whatever you hand me...
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Bad, bad monkey
The thing that surprised me, and the members of the first few rows, which became a Sea World-esque no-go zone, the most was the amount of blood. I had no idea that Christopher Moore and Carl Hiaasen were mortal enemies and that Books Inc. had obviously thrown them together for the sheer spectacle...
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The Completed Works
So my actual start was probably winning a CVS Pharmacy writing contest sometime in the early 80s ($5! A veritable fortune!), but my second start to my writing career was the Worcester County Young Writers' Conference, held at Saint John's High School, and still held there, every year...
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I don't know what you'll be doing with your Sunday afternoon, but I'll be spending it with my best buddies* Carl Hiaasen and Christopher Moore in San Francisco, chatting about books, life, family, and dandruff. http://www.booksinc.net/event/carl-hiaasen-coversation-christopher-moore-sunday-...
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See what's inside the tin!
  For those of you who were putting off buying (well, downloading) Verano the Fish because you couldn't see what was actually inside the book and didn't want to risk downloading some sort of fish snuff book that was far too dark for your children, well, your fears are assuaged! And...
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Verano the Fish: a reading guide
We (my son and I) presented Verano the Fish to his class yesterday for Book Day, and we handed out a reading guide for it, to show the kids how we made it. It was accompanied by a short Keynote presentation (since the illustrations for the book and book itself live on the iPad we did it...
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A feeble attempt at a fish
Originally posted at http://wombatsdigit.com/w/2013/06/the-story-of-creating-verano-the-fish-part-ii/   This is a continuation of the story begun in The Story of Creating Verano the Fish. Now on with the story… But, as W.C. Fields is purported to have said, “Never work with children...
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Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend
I rarely do book reviews on here, prefering to stick to Shelfari, Goodreads, LibraryThing, or my own personal blog, but I just finished this book the other day and felt I needed to tell more people about it. Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend: A Novel is an awesome book. Wildly imaginative,...
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Verano the Fish
  Originally published at http://wombatsdigit.com/w/2013/05/promotional-strategies/ So, as you can tell from the great pile of money I'm sitting on to write this, I'm something of a promotional genius. It's certainly not for my posture, as my posture goes to pot when I'm sitting on a pile...
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Originally posted at my personal site.   So I don't know quite why you'd do this, expect, perhaps, to support my family and myself, allow us to put food on the table, but you can now pay real money for Verano the Fish at Amazon.com. Verano the Fish: Kindle Edition It's $2.99 because that'...
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Verano 2...
So fresh off the runaway success of Verano the Fish (iBookstore link), my daughter grabbed my notebook the other day, my pen, and began sketching "the characters for the next two books," she told me. She's five. I don't know from whom (or where) she gets the work ethic. But it just goes to...
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One upon a time, there was a fish book on Goodreads.com
  So until now you had to be one of those lucky enough to have an iPad to read Verano the Fish, but today I'm announcing the immediate availability of Verano the Fish right in your very own web browser! So if you have eyes and a computer you can now read Verano the Fish, for free! At...
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The Verano Sofa
Originally posted at http://wombatsdigit.com/w/2013/05/the-story-of-creating-verano-the-fish/   We started working on Verano in a furniture store. I was occupying the kids, who, like all kids, are like mini-tactical nuclear devices in shopping situations. You need to handle them...
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My daughter (5) and I have our own routine when we go into a book store (seek out the shelf where our books would go and make a space for the next one -- the Fenway Fiction books are under the editor, Adam Pacther's name, and there usually aren't too many of those in stock), but I like these steps...
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Verano the Fish
Just a quick announcement, I'll be writing a little more about the process we used, a couple of tools, and, of course, the ultimate publication of a short children's story called Verano the Fish. Download it for free in the iBookstore. The story is by me, told to the kids originally while their mom...
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