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If you're visiting Red Room because you, yourself, are a writer, or enjoy the writerly craft sort of business, you'd also do well to follow Joe Lansdale, an excellent hard boiled writer. He does mystery, horror, thriller, and just writes brilliant stories. My first intro to him was The Bottoms, which is a great story about a couple of murders set in 1930s Texas and a couple of kids. I was hooked on Joe's style. He's very direct and his stories just whistle along.

But what he also does, on Facebook and Twitter, is post a lot about the writing process, and advice for people, advice like this: 

"A lot of would be, or beginning writers, expect a wide, bright light that will reveal their story. Some feel they have to outline every thought they have on a particular project. The wide light happens, but not often. ..." http://www.facebook.com/JoeRLansdale/posts/333058913469798

If you're not into Facebook, he's also on Twitter, where he'll usually post links to stuff on Facebook, so if you're not on there for ideological reason that may just anger you. And if that does anger you, I highly recommend you relieve your anger through reading books like The Bottoms, where you can get your anger out through fictional violence and mystery, rather than do anything else drastic. But, then, while you're reading a book by Joe Lansdale that may just remind you of your hatred of or anger with Facebook (I'm not quite sure what it's done to anger you), and may spawn a vicious cycle of anger and hate that just isn't going to end well for anybody. Perhaps it's best to just sit there and not click on anything.

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I need all the advice,

I need all the advice, suggestions, and comfort I can get!  I will definitely look him up! Thank you! :)

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Stories that whistle! Lovely.

Stories that whistle! Lovely. And please tell me you have an affinity with Ireland. Áine?! m 

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And sometimes it's whistling past the graveyard, sometimes it's just whistling along like a train.

I do have an affinity for Ireland and with at least one of its citizens, since my wife is from County Clare (and I don't mind the sprawling rest of her family situated there, either). The Clare coastline is one of my favorite spots in the world, and I've managed to surf at Lahinch every New Year's Eve for the last three or four years.

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Good tip

Thanks for the heads up!  I dare to click.