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The People's Apocalypse?

This article, "Mayan Apocalypse is Unlike Other Doomsdays", skirts the real issue with the end of the Maya calendar:

"The Mayan apocalypse myths are similar to prophecies like Martins' in that they take a non-Biblical view of the end of the world. Mayan apocalypse believers get their inspiration from the Mayan Long Count Calendar, which consists of 144,000-day-long cycles called b'ak'tuns. (There are also longer units of time, such as piktuns, which are made of 20 b'ak'tuns.) Dec. 21, 2012 marks the end of the 13th b'ak'tun, which would have been seen as a completed full cycle of creation by the ancient Maya. However, there were no apocalyptic predictions associated with this day."

But what they're missing is that the prophecy really came from a bunch of disgruntled sports fans, as you can find out, in "The History of the Mayan Ball League" (or as an iBook).

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According to NPR, the Maya never said anything about the world ending.  They will do a segment tomorrow morning on this.

That said, I misread your post as "similar to prophecies like the Martians..."

Don't cancel your plans for the weekend!




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Thanks, Marilyn. Most of what

Thanks, Marilyn.

Most of what I've written (I won't tell which bits - oh, okay, *all* of them), have been tongue-in-cheek. "The History of the Mayan Ball League" is a satire on professional sports... but I do like where you're going with this Martian angle... I sense the next historical fake record of a sports league coming on...