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Lorem Ipsum (a bookstore, not filler text)

So Lorem Ipsum, a pretty excellent book store in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is having a little fundraiser to help pay their rent.

It's in the spirit of a Kickstarter or similar project, but it's for books, which, presumably, you like, since you're on a site for authors, who happen to write books. Books which may, someday, end up in a book store like Lorem Ipsum, which is a particularly interesting specimen of the type because they do try out some interesting new things from time to time.

If books and having an interesting place to buy them from is your thing, it's worth giving to these folks. You'll feel good about yourself. Not quite as good as if you'd given food to the hungry or shelter to the homeless, but if books are the sustenance of the mental life, then consider it a form of feeding the mentally impoverished, and you get very nearly the same rush.