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Book Ends

I had a little bit of a motivational kick in the pants yesterday evening... stopped into Book Endsin Winchester... it's my local, as it were, if we were talking about it in terms of a pub, a pub in which there's a strong focus on children's books. And no alcohol on tap (hey, they banned smoking in pubs in Ireland, it was nearly the same as banning drink, as far as some were concerned).

It wasn't planned, it was an escape from the torrential downpour which started just as I and the two kids were leaving the pharmacy. But the staff are friendly, and don't mind an adult and a book-loving two year old dripping all over their books. It's a great independent book store in the heart of the town, with a focus on kids books. There is an adult half to the shop, but the selection is a little more... sparse. Not a single copy of Further or plain old Fenway Fiction to be seen anywhere, can you believe it! Still, that half an hour or so wandering around both halves of the store was enough to kick start the juices in the middle of the day (taking care of the kids will sometimes spark the creative juices, but more often than not it sparks running off to get a paper, or, in the event of a real emergency, a cloth towel). Luckily, we keep a pen and pad of paper in the car, so before we took off, while everyone was settling into their seats from a frantic dash through the less torrential downpour, I got to jot down a few ideas for short stories to be explored, either as a part of an upcoming Sane Magazine issue or in the old Tinderbox story ideas box.

I figured it was worth posting about a little inspiration/spiritual kick for writers after reading about a few people bummed by Cody's closing in San Francisco. We're pretty lucky around here to have Book Ends here, The Book Rack in Arlington (where we had a reading last year), Back Pages Books in their beautiful new space across from BU's DIA Center for the Arts in Waltham (where we also had a reading), and tons more independent book stores.