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Lately, to fit in some thoughtwork time wherever possible (parenthood has made me creative in ways I never thought I'd need to be about time and stealing a bit here and there, in the wee hours of the morning and in between asynchronous naps and even during feeding times), I've been thinking more and more about adding audio notes via a voice recorder to my repertoire of ways to jot down notes and ideas as they happen...

Any RedRoomers out there working this way? I like the idea of leaving your notes with your voice, where you only need a finger, maybe two to press a button or swipe a screen, especially after experiencing the difficulty writing something as mundane as your signature on a receipt (well, mundane until the credit card bills start arriving in bulk) while juggling a toddler and an active infant (I'd like to see those infinite monkeys typing while holding a baby in each arm... sure, they'd be a bit stronger, but there's no Shakespeare coming out of that really large room any time soon).


The writing process, and how it works for others, is something I've been fascinated by... it's always interesting to hear about something that's usually tucked away in the dusty corners, out of sight, dragged out onto your luminescent little laptop screen... so go on... drag it out for me...

Then again, this may be me just wanting to play with new gadgets to avoid the hard part of sitting down and working it out. : )

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I added a comment to your former post about your writing space.  Whenever I see your red-shorts image, wading in the acquamarine sea, I immediately think of you shoveling snow in my favorite city before 5 AM so your wife can get to the gym.

The crib in your workspace is so touching, and explains what you've posted here.  I admire your committment to your art and the creative ways to press time out like toothpaste at the bottom of the tube.


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Ha! While thinking about

Ha! While thinking about shoveling snow is a pleasant one right now (I'm currently sitting the aforementioned (in the writer's room post) sauna), I think we're all more likely to be up at 5am these days with an entirely too chipper baby girl.

At the very least, I'm getting an insight into what the writer on the film Insomnia must have been feeling as he wrote about endless nights ...

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digital recorder

I've been using the  Sandisk Sansa e200.  It is sold as a MP3 player and video player (it even has a FM tuner), but I've been using the voice recorder feature.  It is pretty easy to use, and the digital recording quality is excellent.  It holds I think over an hour of recordings, so it is perfect for jotting down audio notes.  The e200 is prone to a little weirdness (like some voice recordings I've deleted seemd to come back to life.  A firmware update will probably fix that.)  Otherwise, I enjoy it.  If you buy such a device, do yourself a favor and leave the plastic sticky cover on the screen.  I took mine off and I wish I kept it because I put thing in my pocket next to my keys so they are a few scratches.  Otherwise it is a pretty cool device.

Randy Wong

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Thanks for the tip...

I'll have to check that one out...