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My magic audiobook creator
So the next batch of manuscripts have been sent off to the First Readers -- I'm at the 150 page mark. It's a little like painting a room. You put on the first coat. Take a break for lunch, let that first coat dry. Put on the second coat on one wall. Notice a spot on the ceiling, go get some paint...
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So I've got a little story for you about this Amtrak Residency thing (warning: this story may contain images of violence commited by Thomas Pynchon and 3 card monty). [View the story "#AmtrakResidency" on Storify]
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Bacon and Cabbage!
Well, some of youse fellas have already seen it, back at Christmas-time, but I figured, in honor of Saint Patrick's very own day, I would re-publish (by just re-linking) my short story about Saint Patrick's next trick, after ridding Ireland of all the snakes. So don't waste any time...
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Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Okay, so I'm not supposed to be doing this -- the writing of this post or the playing of the video game I'm about to mention -- but the greatest video game of all-time has been spiffed up and re-released by the BBC.  Written by Douglas Adams, the text-based game...
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One, err, Two Stories
So, for whatever reason, I subscribe to One Story, the magazine. You may, too, for all I know. If you don't you may want to. It's a short story a month (plus one extra, I believe, daylight savings story, we'll call it), which I think I enjoy because of the high risk the publishers have taken....
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I was given a review copy of this book (The Hereafter Gang, by Neal Barrett, Jr). Joe Lansdale gave it a plug on Facebook, asking people to drop the publisher a line to help get this book the attention it deserved. So I dropped them a line and got my copy. This is the first book by Neal Barrett, Jr...
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Verano the Fish, waiting for your vote
  Listen, there’s only a few hours left, but there’s still time for you, yes, you, to go vote in theGoodreads Choice Awards 2013 for Verano the Fish for Best Picture Book. You can even download the book, for free, from Goodreads.com! This way you’ll possibly...
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Goodreads Choice Awards 2013
Update: In the interest of ease-of-use, vote for Verano the Fish here: Best Picture Book category It’s that wonderful time of year again, the Goodreads Choice Awards season! This past year (according to the eligibility rules for the award, the year stretches from November, 2012...
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photo 2.JPG
  Hey fellas. How are you doing? First off, thank you for the phone calls, faxes, emails, and cakes, all inscribed lovingly with the same message of support and care in the wake of my omission from the Batter Up! reading up in San Francisco on October 14th. But the folks at LitQuake, who...
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Some books at a reading in Waltham
  Friends, dear good, great friends. RedRoomers. I have a favor to ask of you. Maybe two.   "Oh God," you're saying, possibly aloud, drawing stares in the internet café in which you're browsing the Red Room. I've told you time and time again not to browse stuff in internet cafés, but...
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Dublin Express, by Colin Bateman
  This edition of Dublin Express was a special Kickstarter limited edition Colin Bateman produced himself. [http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/856843652/get-on-board-the-dublin-express] It's interesting to see a pretty well-established writer with a well-established stream of publications...
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First Reader Copy, Away!
    It's a question no one's been asking, but here goes. So for the last… well, a long time. In February, 2011, after finishing the first draft of a novel entitled "Rudyard Kipling's Chair" which is still sitting in a desk drawer somewhere, unwieldy and cumbersome and full of far too many...
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A crab playing with a sea urchin, like finding "The Genie"
I went scuba diving Friday morning for stories. Usually I have a browser full of windows full of tabs open on my laptop, my working laptop. There are tabs with articles about time, about how our universe is a hologram, about the FBI's organizational structure, about Marconi Beach (all of these are...
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Originally posted at: http://wombatsdigit.com/w/2013/08/the-guide-for-the-procrastinating-writer-tip-3/   Stash pens everywhere around your house, your place of business, your commute, and daily rounds. They come in handy for both writing stuff down quickly and also in case you are...
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Target Acquired
As alluded to, I've been trying to finish off my latest project. And, if you follow along at my own site, I noted that I've finished the third draft of what's tentatively called Butterfly. So I've been living on an iPad, marking up the PDF with notes and little tweaks to fix, small rewrites, notes...
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