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6-Week Private Writing Class Starts 4/3/2012
03 Apr 2012 7:00 pm

The Lab :: Creative Writing Workshop with Matthew Clark Davison

Spring Session starts 4/3/20112
6 consecutive Tuesdays
from 7-9:30pm.

The Lab, Writing Classes with Matthew Clark Davison, writer & teacher in San Francisco State University's Creative Writing BA/MA/MFA programs.

He says about The Lab:
"I wanted to create a learning environment that was at once experimental and technically useful. Where people are welcome and encouraged to bring all of their personal experiences, desires, fears, wants, needs, and passions to the group and to their pages."

So he started "The Lab" as "a place to experiment with prose" for "people who love words." This turns out to be a broad and lively community.

At The Lab we take our commitment to writing, not ourselves, seriously. People who are also gardeners and lawyers and bookkeepers and web designers and writers come together to write. We open our minds to every single thing (visual art, architecture, music theory, and brain science have been a few of the topics offered to ponder in previous sessions of The Lab) that can deepen our writing and our way of seeing the world.


The Lab is an intimate writing laboratory (a place to research, experiment, measure, review, and revise) for all levels. It focuses on the art of fiction and memoir, but poets, playwrights and cross-genre folks are welcomed, too.

* Experienced writers should expect to build upon their craft skills and deepen their characterization.

* "Beginners" should expect to learn a useful, creative writing vocabulary and to experience how precision, concreteness, expansiveness, and generosity work together to form compelling and scintillating prose.

* All should expect to take their work, but not themselves, seriously (plan to have fun WHILE digging deep in an environment that will be at once focused and relaxed).

Non-writer-identified folks, avid readers, and creative artists (actors, dancers, musicians, etc.) are welcomed, encouraged to attend.

Class Size: 10-15 people.


* You will NOT be responsible to write written feedback for your peers. Reading/feedback will take place in "The Lab" and there will be the option of posting and responding online in between sessions.

* More about The Lab:http://matthewclarkdavison.com/writing_classes_san_francisco_douglass_street_labs

*More on Matthew: http://matthewclarkdavison.com/about_matthew_clark_davison_writer_san_fr...

*Testimonials: http://matthewclarkdavison.com/douglass_street_labs_testimonials_feedback

*The Lab on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/writingclasssanfrancisco

519 Douglass Street
San Francisco