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In a recent letter, one astute reader of BIG SID’S VINCATI told me, “You join a select company. I mention only Conrad, of my favourites. Jeffery Archer, Deever, Parensky, Brown (particularly), and most authors whose books have tinfoil on the covers, go in the trash.” Of course its great to get a...
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Carmichaels Reading (May 21): BSV!
I’ve survived the first media blitz for BIG SID’S VINCATI (BSV for short) and come away the wiser from the experience. Above all, I have gained a new respect for the opportunity to read my work before a live audience. For years now I have read academic, theoretical papers in front of rows of...
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Off to do to readings: one in my old home town of Norfolk VA at Prince books on Thurs. May 14th at 7 pm.  Then its on Germantown MD for British Bike Day on Sunday May 17th.  People in the DC/BALTIMORE might enjoy coming out to view some nice bike.  Let's hope for good weather!  For more on the brit...
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I’ll start this blog like I’m Seinfeld: Have you ever noticed how you can’t get away from bad entertainment that consists of lists?  On TV, its endless sports highlights: the top 50 hits, dunks, plays, finishes . . . and if its not sports, its celebrities and sex: the top 50 cribs, cars, break-ups...
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If you haven't checked out the blog maintained by the publisher Penguin, you might want to surf over and read the current entry by yours truly: http://us.penguingroup.com/static/html/blogs/lunch-kurt-vonnegut-matthew...
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Owner Carol Besse and Matthew Biberman with his Vincent Black Shadow out front of Carmichael's: pub day for BIG SID'S VINCATI
Publication day: for some writers it is a cause for celebration, while for others, it is an occasion for retreat and meditation. Here is how it went down for me.  I got a call from Carol Besse, the owner of Carmichael's, Louisville’s best indy bookstore, telling me my books were in. It is little...
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This latest book trailer features clips of the Vincati build, plus some nice narration done by Sid and myself.  Please check it out and tell me what you think!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJC8ZE4m940
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In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens declares that the evidence is beyond doubt that Shakespeare’s plays were not written by the man from Stratford.  Rather all signs point to Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, or at the very least some other...
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Recently, the esteemed scholar Stanley Wells announced the discovery of a new portrait of Shakespeare.  The “Cobbe portrait”—as the picture has been dubbed—has been in possession of the Anglo-Irish Cobbe family for nearly three centuries.  By all accounts, the painting is awonderfully vivid example...
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The Louisville Courier newspaper ran a feature on my memoir Big Sid's Vincati today.  To read the article follow this link: http://www.courier-journal.com/article/20090412/FEATURES06/904120305
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What was I doing driving to Staunton Virginia when my book was about to be published?  I had thirty days to market BIG SID’S VINCATI and so shouldn’t I be on the phone talking some PR to media outlets?  Sure I should have, but I couldn’t resist the siren call of the Blackfriars Theater in Staunton...
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 About a week ago, I posted a trailer for my memoir Big Sid's Vincati (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mYBsukQXOU).  Making it was one of the best experiences of my life.  Since finishing my book, I was wondering if I would ever feel again a creative spark and finally I did.  I am really proud of...
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Matthew Biberman riding the Vincati, Feb. 2009
In my creative (nonfiction) writing class, we are finishing up a round of workshops on student pieces that were written in response to my prompt to select a photo and use it for inspiration.  *  In this shot, I am riding the Vincati home from Bob Hower’s photography studio.  Though the helmet hides...
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This morning I had the pleasure of introducing the poet Ed Roberson who gave a reading at The Louisville Conference. Here are my remarks, which include a snippet of one of his fine poems.  * Ed Roberson is the author of  seven books of poetry including the National Poetry Series Winner Atmosphere...
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In my creative nonfiction class, I assigned excerpts from John Grogan’s mega bestselling Marley and Me and Michael Greenberg’s highly praised Hurry Down Sunshine.  I did so in order to illustrate the difference between commercial and literary work. I like both books for what they are and enjoyed...
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