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Do We Really Need More College Graduates?
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In his State of the Union address, President Barack Obama declared that, when it comes to the business of higher education, America remains the country to beat. "We are home to the world's best colleges and universities," he said, "where more students come to study than any other place on Earth."

Yet later in that very same speech, Obama painted a different picture when he came to speak of the American student. "America," he told us, "has fallen to ninth in the proportion of young people with a college degree." But Obama shared this bad news with us for a reason. Not surprisingly, it turns out that he wants us to rally around his proposal to produce more college graduates.

At first it may sound hard to imagine resisting Obama on this point. After all, who isn't for improving education? But before we rush to enact these well-meaning plans, I suggest that we stop and think about two things. First we need to grasp both the enormity and the nature of the problem, and second, we need to take care not to assume that a college education always equals a better education.

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