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I was not sleeping, but I was dreaming.

I stood alone when winter came sweeping;

                   It was terrible and cold, I shivered;

                   I stood confused, not knowing what to do;

I was lonely, I trembled, I quivered.

I was not sleeping, but I was dreaming;

And that was the moment I thought of you.


I was not asleep; so how could I dream?

And to think of it, how it made me blue;

I was frightened; I wished it was not true;

It was so dark, and the sun set at two;

I wished 1 could weep. I wished I could scream,

 But I was helpless and nothing could do;

So I nursed my grief when I thought of you.


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This collection of poems was the result of a poetry workshop organized on different occasions with the following teachers and their students in their respective classes in January and February, 2001 by Matthew Adjei (AFS Guest-teacher to Denmark, 2000/01):


Fran Hopenswasser and the 3ENm2 students

Fran Hopenswasser and the 1Y students

Jette Thomson and the 1B students

Kirsten Holmegaarg Schwarze and the 1C students

Benedikte Andersen and the 1A students

Leif Stubbe Teglbjaerg and the 3ENs2 students


all of Frederiskborg Gymnasium, Hillerod. It was an attempt to stimulate poetic inspiration in these students so that they may come to appreciate the beauty in poetry; and to also enable them to produce their own poems based on their own personal experiences.


Once this spirit was re-awakened in these students, it was my fervent hope that they would keep the flames burning until one day some of them could join the universal symphony of the eternal echoes of poetry. When this is done, I shall be happy some day that the objective of this workshop was achieved.


Matthew Adjei

AFS Guest-teacher to Denmark, 2000/01.


 22nd January, 2001.


The whole collection is dedicated to my memory of all the lovely people of Denmark





I was not sleeping, but I was dreaming.

I stood alone when winter came sweeping;

                   It was terrible and cold, I shivered;

                   I stood confused, not knowing what to do;

I was lonely, I trembled, I quivered.

I was not sleeping, but I was dreaming;

And that was the moment I thought of you.


I was not asleep; so how could I dream?

And to think of it, how it made me blue;

I was frightened; I wished it was not true;

It was so dark, and the sun set at two;

I wished 1 could weep. I wished I could scream,

 But I was helpless and nothing could do;

So I nursed my grief when I thought of you.

                                                                          Matthew Adjei






We have a lot of opposites in life,

We have man and wife.

They are two different kinds of the same,

But each designed with specific aim.

If the wife understands a thing in one way,

The man will disagree with her the next day.

Two people can be like day and night,

The sun and the moon or the stars which shine so bright.

If two people cannot agree,

How is the whole world then supposed to see

That peace is the only thing worth living for?

But it seems like hatred takes over more and more.

I wish for peace between small and big, black and white,

And maybe then we can see the light.

The light which makes you forgive and understand,

The light which ought to be seen through every land.

by Line Stener Larsen, 3v






I’m bored

I’m tired

And each more minute I spend here

I feel life draining out of me,

The inspiration of my soul, the interest of my mind

Flows into this construction of doom,

Which    already holds so many young people’s

hopes and dreams in its walls

Before me.

by Jan Juul Jensen, 3x


When I think of you

You’re almost always naked.

                   It’s nice.

But        doesn’t it get cold



Kentucky Karma

A beam from my eyes

the beat in my hand

an unexplainable pride in the chest,

when the ballroom is boiling with painted desire

and desperate joy in all vivid ways


The powerful feeling of being in charge

to know that “the Luckies are on”,

the ghastly yet wonderful wait just before

hoping Satori experience may come.

                                              by Mads Schjodt Jonasson, 3w






My home is like a cage

I’m stuck behind the bars

My mind is full of rage

I’d rather visit the stars


Never have I experienced love or joy

Always an empty feeling

I was the unwanted boy

Caught below the ceiling


I want to end this hell

I want to break free

So bid you farewell

My gun is the key.

by Soren Braestrup, 3w








Two demons eating a fox

Princes hiding in waterfalls

Forest and Cyclops and Rocks

Mystery mountains screaming their calls

 A very Big Dose of the very Red Rose

The very Big Thrill of the very Sweet Kill

The Frost making us cold and scared

And lifting the Sword - ha, ha - No one dared

by Steen Berg Hansen, 3u





Look at the flying snow

It’s the gods who blow

There is frost on the ground

The wind has a chilly sound


My breath is a cloud

The thunder of my teeth is loud

It is as cold as the Antarctic

I’m glad the school’s heating system is automatic


Now I’m inside and I’m warm

I do not wish to hear the fire alarm

That would mean I would have to go outdoor

Just like I was before


My nose is full of snot

It bothers me a lot

I would have like to stay at home, that’s no lie

But I can’t because my absence is too high

by Jonas Himmelev Carlsen, 3z








Who knows who we are?

Who knows from where we come?

And who knows where we go?

These are life’s big questions.


Are we in control?

Are we controlled?

These are questions of survival.


I don’t know!

I don’t want to know!

But am I supposed to know?

This is the question I can’t dismiss.

by Anja Kammacher, 3x





My dress is blowing in the soft breeze.

The night is dark, only the moon is out.

I look to the sky, but what do I see?

The sadness and disappointment overwhelm me.

Love and hate are part of me.

So has the moon always been.


I feel the cold sand like jealousy.

I feel the water run through my veins.

The wind blows my happiness away.

The moon draws in my desperation,

and the universe of confusion is silence.

A seagull settles my disgust in the cold.

by Louise Frederiksen, 3u





We call the dark, night

We call the light, day

But why?

Whose decision is that?

It must have been a very wise man

I think!


The man whose decision this was

Is a very wise man

But why?

He also named spring and fall

short or tall

I think!


The man IS very wise

He made the earth

But why?

So people could live

Together in harmony

I think!


Dark is night

Light is day

But why

Are people so often in war?

This is a controversy

I need a solution!

by Pernille Rostgaard, 3z




Winter brings us snow and frost

The joyful time of Christmas

Days are short, the sun is lost

A new year’s here at last



In spring the sun arrives again

And soon the snow will melt away

Showers come with lots of rain

Trees and flowers blooming gay



Then summer comes and days are long

The holidays are here again

The sun is shining hot and strong

Warming up the hoary grain.



In autumn new colours take the reign

From green to red and orange hue

The clouds are heavy filled with rain

The naked trees feel winter too.

                                      by Maiken Vestergaard, 3z





It starts with spring,

And it makes you sing.

Tiny sprouts of snowdrop and daffodil

and you feel no longer ill.


Spring has passed,

and it’s summer at last.

The world is in splendid bloom,

 but moves towards doom.


Fall has arrived,

Nonetheless you feel alive.

Nature has coloured the trees,

And the leaves blow in the breeze.


It ends with winter,

And you can’t feel a finger.

Frost in the grass,

Forgotten is the past.


The seasons shift,

And it’s a gift.

A joy in your chest,

It’s nature at its best.

                 by Signe Zacho, 3u





I get up and it is dark.

I put on my clothes,

Go outside in the dark.

I wait among a lot of people.


My train is arriving,

Everyone pushes to get inside.

After the long and cold trip,

I get to the one place I don’t want to he.


My day is very long and boring,

I really feel that everything is always the same.

The teachers are always talking about the same things,

I feel trapped in a room - I can’t get out.


Finally, I am free, I can go home.

Once again I go on the crowded train.

I come home to my lonely house in the dark,

I take my clothes off and go to bed in my dark room

                                                          by Karina Vindahl Hansen, 3





A black angel took you away from me

And yet you still remain

Living in every cell of my body

Haunting my dreams


It brought you to the other side

But of what - of life?

Yet you are still here with me

In spirit

Guiding my way


I know you like no one else

Only now not in flesh

Your form has changed

Into stardust and moonlight

Only to mc

You are still the same

    by Camilla Jorck, 3v





The mountain is high,

Seems invincible

The beauty of the stiff terrain

Has my attention


Free as a bird

I can do what I want

No one should say, “Don’t do it”

Only myself and maybe 1 will


Clean as the snow

Empty inside my soul

But my body is full of energy

Shall - shall not?


Only in a lifetime

Have Ito do it

Show the world that I’m strong

I know I can!


Higher and higher

Trouble breathing

But feeling the strength of a bear

Alone, but not afraid


The smile on my face

Getting bigger and bigger

Very intense and real

I feel free.

                    by Katrine Leth-Nissen, 3v





Outside The Rose everything is dark

But still - there is a light

I don’t know her name, but she is standing there

Inside The Rose, shining out to me

The light strikes my heart, and I move inside

And then, inside The Rose everything is light

A light that shines from her,

And the people inside The Rose

Some are standing

Some are lying down

Like pins in a game of billiards

But even though they are lying down

They still shine to me

But no one shines like her

She is my everything, my Rose.

by Mads Smith Larsen, 3v





Love lifted me once and made my soul fly

Suddenly my whole world soared in the sky

This joy and happiness she brought

It was just an incredible and unforgettable sort


She painted the sky and made me forget

The real world - and now I regret

The sky was our platform but what I did not know

Was the movement of our sky - happening slow.


At first we lived in this collared world

Unaware of life’s limited times of gold

But before I had even enjoyed what we had

Our sky had moved and suddenly I was sad.


So rough and cruel is the way that leads to love

It hurts and captures your weak soul like a dove

And your white dove will never again see the light

If you don’t open its gate and take up the fight.

          by Sidsel Barkholt, 3u





We are all different

We look different

We talk in different languages

We have different opinions

and see things in different perspectives



We all love

We all hate


We all get jealous .at times

We all have desires, but

for different things



We are all different

But still the same....

                by Rebecca Tobiassen Schimmell, 3v





All words are but empty, shallow.

Words so hard I cannot swallow.

I laugh, but it hurts, a pain so deep

My heart shall burst for my secret to keep.

Helpless, sad and alone I feel

The inside of me turning to steel

Scared of not knowing; afraid to be aware

In the deepest darkness, confusion I stare

Not but a moment now so hard a pain

I wait for your movement but what is to gain?

I stand here free, though tied up with a chain.

A consequence spelling my doom, my bane!

                                      by Dma Hjarup Thornsen. 3u








Often I think

What is the meaning of life?

Good things have meaning

-         but the evil/

-         Why are there bad days? 

-         Couldn’t all days be good? 


There are days in my life

When I think

They could have been better if I were dead

Those days

I couldn’t see any meaning for my life


When we had a fight

I thought

I could be better if I were dead

But I dare not die

I dare not lose

There are so many people I care about

I have friends

I have family

I know they love me

And I love them

And this is the meaning of my life.

                                      By Kristina Holbek 1Y




I must have been born on a lucky star

To find a friend as nice as you are.

I promise I’ll follow the rainbow to the end.

If you always wanna be my friend.

I know 1 have a rainbow for a chart

If you always will keep me a place in your heart.

                                                by Christina Nielsen, ly




My Girl

When you aren’t there

I feel it

The lonely emptiness

I feel it



When I see you

Just for a moment

You make me happy

Just for a moment



Everytime I see you, I smile

I just can’t help it

And when you are gone, I’m sad

I just can’t help it.



You are so beautiful

Both outside and inside

I want to know you

Both outside and inside



When you are sad

I wanna hold you

When you are crying

I wanna comfort you

I want us to be together

Now and forever

                  by Martin Jonstrup, ly





My feelings for you

Is a question for me

But I do know

That I care for you?



You say that you love me

But is that the truth?

You say that you want me

But is that enough?

I don’t know

I don’t care

All I want to do is figure it out.



What’s the point of being alone?

What’s the point of feeling lost?

What’s the point of being in love?

What’s the point of life?



It’s a cruel world

You just have to face it

Face the facts

You may change the facts,

But you can’t change the world!

          by Christina Feldt, ly




You are the reason why I live

You have a glow like nobody else


When you’re near you make me glad

When you’re gone I’m always sad


You shine like my love

You make my heart warm


But... when I look at you I close my eyes

And when you shine so much I go and hide

How can I ever tell you that I need you?

by Lene Ostergaard Hansen, ly






I’m sitting on my own

I’m sitting in my room

I’m trying to write

I’m trying to write my emotions out

Do you want me to pour my emotions out?

Do you want me to pour out my innermost thoughts?

But I can ‘t,

because I’m not a poet.

by Jacob .Juhl, ly


are we  here?  Are

       we alone in the universe?

  Where are               we from?

Is there                          any God?

Where are                     we going

   What is                        right?

       What is                  wrong?

                           What is true?

                          What is false?

                          Why do we

                          hate people?

                         Why do we

    fall in love?


                         And what is

                          the meaning

                          of this life?

                                         by Jacob Voel Krawack, ly





What the fuck

am I doing here:


Walking around

from year to year


I got an idea

That wouldn’t disappear


Why the fuck

must we live in fear?

                            by F., ly




I can’t write poetry

I can’t find the words

I can’t get the meaning of



I hate to write poetry

I hate to find the words

I hate to get the meaning of poetry


I love to make fun of everything

And poetry must wait.

                             by Simon  ly





Somewhere in this huge and evil world of hate

Where everyday families are split,

People and nationalities are rising against each other.

Today, who went through the gate?

The lamp of death is lit.

                  by Niklas Bertelsen, ly




What will the world look like in a thousand years?


How would they like to be:

The animals and the human beings?

Will the world still exist?

We don’t know!




What is it likely to be?

Something that we are able to imagine?

Or has development changed the world for eternity?


We don’t know!

Everyone   says, “It isn’t our problem”

And they are right

But what about our posterity?



We don’t know!

But everyone needs to care!

That we do know!

         by Martin Bjorn Nielsen, ly




I’m standing here in this golden, lonely desert

Wondering which way to go.


No one to ask for help and no hint from anywhere,

Only myself - all alone in this choice.

                  by Karma Jensen, ly





Here in this world of speed

Where many think of taking the lead

Leisure and pleasure have no role

And religion cannot save the soul.


Here in this world of haste

Where mankind has no time to waste

 for family, pets and friends,

that really makes no sense.


All of you who have no time

But to spend your time chasing the dime

Here I have some advice you should not forget

Do not waste your time for the dirt.

                                       by Lars Pauli Bornak, ly








Why would many people want to fight

When they know it is not right?

Why would they want others to shed their tears

To spread all the grief and fears?



Parents die, friends die and neighbours die

And people who love them cry

People began a big war

With no kind of law



Why can’t we find a common law

To punish people who fight in war?

        by Issa Tamim, ly




Do you Follow Me?


I want somebody who loves me for what I am

Somebody I can love for love and for himself

For all this money I don’t care

If I don’t have love to share


I don’t want someone just because my parents choose He may be sweet

He may be rich He may be educated but still I refuse.


Oh but for a touch of humanity

With a big love for me

Somebody so caring and can be there for me

Somebody so sharing in my views

It has to be true all the way through.

by Manar Fakri, ly






The Child-Angel

In a dark wood

walks a little girl

with blond hair and blue eyes

And lovely shining clothes



Beside  her walks a little boy Ragged and dirty

Crying and scared of the night Lost and alone


The girl takes his hand

And leads him through the wood

And she whispers

Sweet, happy words in his ears


He stops crying;

He looks up;

He is back at home

But the child-angel has disappeared.

          by Lea Braüner Jensen, ly





The sun sets

The darkness takes control

Just like it did

Did in my soul


In the sky

Not a single star

To light up

Light up the dark


I’m not alone

There are people all around

But I’m just

Just too blind.


I hear their voices

Hear them very well

But they can’t help

help me out of hell


Suddenly a light

I thought was burned out

And it keeps getting closer

Closer to my heart


I’ve forgotten

The beauty of the sunrise

But again I see it

See it in your eyes.

            by Mette Rasmussen, ly





When you close your eyes to kiss her,

Do you think of me?

When your arms reach out to hold her,

Do you think of me?

When you tell her that you love her,

Do you the words come easily?

Or do you hesitate

Because you’re thinking of me?

When you wake and you’re beside her,

Do you think of me?

When you’re wondering what to buy for her,

Do you think of me?

When you plan your lives together,

Does it feel like it should be?

Or do you find something wrong

Because you think of me?

When you dream your dreams at night,

Do you still see my face?

Do you slip sometimes and call out

My name by mistake?

Do you sit like me and wonder

If it is too late

To begin again, living a love that won’t end.

When she tells you that she loves you,

Do your eyes glow happily?

Or do you find yourself crying

Because you’re thinking of me?

by Kristina Rynt Larsen, ly




I feel so close to you and yet so far away,

it’s like the twilight between night and day


When I sit alone at night thinking about you,

I wonder why I think that you care about me too.


I feel that I know you so well,

and what I know I cannot ever tell.


When I’m with you I feel so good about myself,

 I keep you close: more than anything I wish you well.


When I’m far away I miss you,

But it is worse to know you miss me so.

                   by Dennis Hallager Nielsen, ly







The world is full of colours.

Life is full of colours.

People are full of colours.

Bright and dark,

And everything in between

In a mixture,

Which changes from minute to minute

Like a kaleidoscope.


Ask me to describe my emotions –

And I will tell you to look outside the window:

You’ll see the colours of the trees, the flowers,

The buildings and the sky.


I find myself in every colour,

And every colour is found in me.


I’m not all black, and I’m not all white.

There are not enough words to describe a human being,

Because my emotions are blended in a kaleidoscope.

                                                                             Nina Funder




The loss of a child is the loss of a mother’s pride.

Tears are in her eyes and grief is in her heart.

She lives in a world, where only hope grows.


People are trying to comfort her,

But she has to take her time

-  That’s just the way she is.


Learning, though still grieving, she meets her child

                   In her thoughts and dreams.

Flying, along the surface, like the angel she lost.


Neither her dreams, nor her hope, nor her faith,

will change the distance between them.


-  A mother’s cry resounds over the fields,

as she remembers the day he died.

Only time can bridge the gap.

Of the loved and beloved.

                                  Cecilia Morch






You were the best in my life, and I loved you with all my heart.

I thought the thought of losing you would  end  my life

‘Cause living without you could be too hard.



But when we fought, even my eternal love for you wasn’t enough,

Your vicious words were so hurtful, my love.

And with them all the love that we shared disappeared.

                                                                             Josefine I.c





Mass of people raise their hands

Unite in common stupidity

Sing along to the son of man

Find rapture in fidelity


How I saw them in mutiny

To the point of disgusting me


Their callous minds cannot grasp

The magnitude of their deception

Neurosis will kill the chaste

As common sense their idea of virginal conception


How I saw them in mutiny

To the point of disgusting me


Perverted children forced on their knees

Convinced they should believe

In bearded men on holy trees

Their minds cannot conceive


How I saw them in mutiny

To the point of disgusting me

                                      -        Niklas Nisbeth.




I admire every part of her; her generous mind,

      Always so loving, so sweet and so kind.

She’s got such a sensitive heart,

Though she and her loved one are apart.

I admire the way she can hide her confusion,

And the way she can always find a solution.

The desire of being her, boils in me,

why do 1 want to be what I’ll never be?

Malene 1.c.




Everywhere there’s life

In the blossoming flowers

Life is in the green growing grass

The warm red sun gives life

Humans live their lives

So think of this

                              And make the best out of life.

Ida Skiaker Knudsen






Why am I so far away?

Away from my little country

Why did it happen so early?

Why did it happen today?


I heard his voice so long ago

I didn’t see him for half a year

That was my biggest fear

Because I wanted him to be near


Why this illness that made him sick?

Why did I choose to take this pick?

Of travelling far away

USA is dark and gray


But this is what I chose

We used to be so close

Now he’s gone forever

Will I ever see him again’?

Never! Oh never!

And that’s my greatest pain.


The funeral went by

Without my presence,

Oh grandpa you should know

How much I really cared in my absence

Bille Schlutter 1C




How come, I can’t write?

Why do I not have the skill of poetry?

Why is it that the only way 1 can express

my true feelings is through music?

Give me a chance to help you dance a quiet symphony

- then I will sing you my story.

Only by playing one specific sonata,

can I explain to you my sentiments.

Do you trust me enough to do that?

And believe me to light your soul to life?

Just give me a chance to help you dance.

I hope so, ‘cause only by playing one specific sonata

can I explain to you my inner feelings.

Mette Wiwe





Yesterday I heard your voice

Echoing through my head

It made me remember

All our precious moments


For a moment I felt your hug,

Heard your comforting words,

Saw your lively smile,

And a tiny part of you being ungrateful and vile.


We both made mistakes

And learned to forgive

We made love

Without ever touching,

We felt love.

Without ever loving

Because all we ever had

And ever got

Was a friendship

Full of precious moments,

Many hugs, lively smiles,

A tiny little bit of ingratitude,

And a love that didn’t include any kind of lust.

Sara Fuglsang 1c





I picture him on my mind:

Sweet, sensitive and kind,

He‘s the only one I  love.

A love so innocent like a dove

Flying over fields.

Our hearts have made deals

 Of promises to keep

Because each other we need;

I know he will always be there,

 Else anything won ‘t be fair;

He‘s my one and only,

And with him I’ll never be lone/v

                                  Written by Andrea





When you came to me

           I got saved,

And now I can see,

A survivor you’ve made.


Your beautiful eyes,

Your innocent truth;

No hollow lies,

You saved my youth.


When I was sad,

You were by my side,

When everything was bad

You made it so right.


Every step I have taken,

You took it with me,

You erased all heartbreaking,

 You didn’t  know jealousy.


The hard times came

You were still there,

But it wasn‘t the same

And you were not aware.


Times are changing,

Now you‘re gone.

I‘m here waiting.

Until I see you at the place beyond.


But I won ‘t give up

After all I’ve learned,

I’ll reach the top

‘Cause that I’ve earned.


I still miss you much

You were so kind,

Yet I don‘t long for your touch,

‘Cause you’re here in my mind.


When you came to me

        I got saved,

              And now I see,

A survivor you’ve made.

                                                Written by Stine Banasik, I.C





This is my secret fantasy

Kept inside for so long

The feeling slowly becomes envy

Of those who are so far gone


I feel it so deep in my interior

My eyes light up like a star

Romance, joy, adventure

Being the person you are


I’m drawn by the atmosphere

All the things there’s to do

But the feeling can turn into fear

And dread of the unknown too


My longing is my fire

It burns me up from inside

So it is to feel desire

From what you cannot hide

                              By Christa Jacobsen 1c




Why did I say yes?

Maybe just to please.

Or was it because,

I had some flaws?

I couldn’t make up my mind,

But you were so kind.

The sweetest thing on Earth seen.

Why had I been so mean

Away from you?

What else could I do?

I hate my self for what I’ve done!

But although I remember all the fun,

Now I’ve learned,

I had to be more concerned;

Not to be so hasty;

Or to live my life so easily.

I should have thought of you,

Before I decided what to do.






   have a feeling...


                                                I want more...


As my tongue touches the


smooth, softer and skinny thing,

it slaps against it.

My teeth crack the shell and

I feel the bitter liquid flows from with-in.


Out on my tongue...


I swallow every little piece of the shattered thing...


                                                              I swallow my bitterness and my desire...




I have a feeling...


I want more...


                                                                    Julie Agnete Vang Christensen





You my old friend

you say you’re alright,

But I can see you just pretend.

To depend on safety which holds you tight.


You think you’re in love

And I don’t know if that’s right,

But I can see your life is rough

And in your soul there’s no light.


Don’t tell me that’s the way love should be

Can’t you see he’s ruining your life?

Don’t you think you need to be free?

You will lose to end up his wife.


You my old friend — I just want to care.

Think again, if this is what you want?

Don’t you think his love is bare?

But of course you should choose; I can’t!

- Helene Lydolph





I’ve never been so lonely

and yet known so many people,

seen so many faces every day in my life

but had my soul-mates so far away

-too far away to reach them.


I’ve always treasured being alone,

but never before have I felt this kind of lonely solitude.


Still happiness finds me every day:

In a kind word, a helping hand or in a friendly smile.

Slowly, prejudiced expectations fade

And are replaced by the realization

That true friendship takes time to develop.






When I came, you were there

Love was in the air

I could find it anywhere


You looked deeply in my eyes

Then I realized

I had found a new prize


       You were so sweet to me

And everyone could see

What we were meant to be


You said you were in love,

To an angel from above

Rare like a white tender dove


Then what more did I want to do?

Now I know it is true:

I want to be with you.

Linda P. Sorensen




Beauty in nature, I admire.

Different cultures, I admire.

The strong but caring, I admire

and those who stand up,

speak, and dare the silence, I admire.


Black or white, I admire.

Rich or poor, I admire.

Variety in nature, I admire.


But violence, hunger and greed

destruction, sadness and injustice,

These I find hard to please.

How can I admire a world without peace?





The safety of my own two eyes

Is cheated and replaced with lies


Because when I put the glasses on

All the beautiful things I once could see are gone


The glasses they can magnify

And sharpen up the seeing of my eye


In fact it is a good disguise

But still you fail to realize


An artifact so hazardous

Can easily be used against us


But when the glasses are no longer on me

I open my eyes and begin to see

Michael Lauridsen




Where are you now, my beautiful flower?

I wonder...

Across the sea?

High up in the mountains?

Wish you were here to hold me tight

Through the long and lonely nights

But all the times we had together

Have gone...

Gone with the Wind.


I miss your tender kiss

The love in your eyes when you say my name

I miss the feeling of complete happiness

Which only you could ever give

But all your love for me has gone

Gone with the Wind.


I close my eyes

And you appear like a glowing sunset

Your beauty makes me want to float away

On the waves of never ending love

Just you and I in our own private Paradise

Always together

But do I dare to open my eyes again?

Jump out of my dreamland and realize

That you are not here

You’re gone...

Gone with the Wind.

                                      Nina Winslow, 1.C -FG








A single light

The brightest white

The world is torn asunder

In the shimmering night

Came a single rider

Ripped apart

And shattered our sight


In beginnings I see the end

Inevitable, close

We are doomed to descend


Let’s rape the world

We’ll live to die

In the broken remains of earth

We choke our minds

To accept the lies


See that fruit

Is it tasteful’?

Feel that love

Will it be wasteful’?


Staring blindly

Bleeding gaze

And who will stop this maddening race?

                                      Christian Rydahl, 2001





Happiness means laughter

Experiencing good things,

Meeting new people fills my heart with joy.


Freedom, love and helping others, Listening to music, hearing birds hum,

These are absolute joys for me.



Being away from home

Experiencing the difference in climate;

Learning a different language in a new culture.

These things bring me happiness.


And dreaming of home,

I just don ‘t care what others say.

Gladwin Sishi




Why am I sad?

I do not know.

It comes from inside

Where I feel cold.

This unkind feeling

It brings me down,

I can ‘t take more

I hit the ground


Anyone, who can see

          Me so low

Should lent some joy

for me to borrow.

‘cause if you have no friends,

who care for you,

there’s nothing more

          for you to do


The sun has gone

With the wind and storm,

And there’s nothing left

to keep me warm.

Now I know, why I felt sad,

Because nature to me was bad.

But I can say, you shall remember,

Not to lose hope,

In the middle of December.

                                    Sarah Maria 1C






He has just called me. Said he loves me.

Oh, how can I describe my happiness?

How can I describe the happiness in my life?


Happiness is looking up at the blue blue sky

And in the night trying to count the stars.

Happiness is my sister’s radiant expression,

When I come home from school

And happiness is a beautiful summer day at the beach,

Diving through the water and feeling completely free.

Oh, happiness is when he looks at me,

With a smile on his lips.

Happiness is getting a hug from a dear friend,

When you feel sad and lonely,

And then realize that you aren’t lonely,

And that you have no reason to be sad.


He has just called me. Said he didn’t love me anymore.


I do not care about the blue blue sky

DO not care about my sister’s radiant expression

Do not care about the beautiful summer day.


Oh, I see the world through my changing moods.

                                                                  Signe S. l.c





Hey U

Do you feel special?


It’s okay; we’d all been there

Feeling kinda lost



Hope you’re well

Though you’ve gone through

Some deep changes in your life

It hasn’t been easy


Life been difficult at times

Sometimes I even sit down and cry

Ask God oh why


I know how you’re feeling

Same thing I did deal with

But we have to deal with our past

Although, I know it’s painful


There you’ll find specialness

‘Cause everybody needs to feel real special


We need to remember

The love lies deep within ourselves

We have to want it so

It starts with us and no one else


We must learn

We’re all born with specialness inside us


You see you can’t run away from your pain

Because wherever you run there you will be

You have to learn to water your spiritual garden

Then you will be free

Mia Mortensen








The silence between us

is louder than ever before


I don’t know

which words to use

and you don’t want to listen


you’re only living for your God

and in your God

I feel like screaming

want to drag you back

-by my side back where you belong

but who can compete

with a God?

The flower

that tied us together

is dying

And in my anger and sorrow

I kick off

the last

coloured leaf

and stamp the stalk

deep into the dirt

crying and weeping

In some way

I hope that my tears

will give life

to another flower


The silence between us

is tearing my eardrums apart

                                                                 by Maria Seebach, 1 .b






When I play football

I know them all

Because we are in a team

And it is my greatest dream

To be a football star

Ha! Ha! Ha!


When I lose a game

I don’t lose my name

I don’t want to lose

And if I could chose

1 would like to win Is that a sin’?

                                                Kasper Hansen 1 .b.






Long time ago

there was an old

and very bold

grandfather who told

me how cold

it is to be moulded

in Denmark.


Then he told me

why it was so hard to die

in Denmark.

None said goodbye

 till you cry

because they were shy

 themselves to die

in Denmark

                             Kristoffer Schmidt 1 .b





Are they only brave,

Who daunt the grave?

Or do they just play it safe

In pretence to behave?


Day by day

Through sunshine and rain

people make their way

through trouble and pain

with pride and disdain.


Men struggle week by week

although none stop to seek

the true feeling of love,

which they can raise above



Love is the biggest chance men can take

even if it feels fake

though some 1ive their lives safe

they are also truly brave

Rebecca Pedersen I .b







Dreams are many strange things,

But not every4hing;

It’s something on your mind

Which is very hard to find.

                                                Tenna HesseIhoj 1.b





What to choose I don’t know

Who choose my odds are low

Which to choose pick a card

How to choose I find it hard


Choices of what to take

Choices of what to give

Choices of what to make

Choices of how to live.

                                      Lene Dau Jensen 1 .b


I’m waiting for a touch tonight

For it’s bright magic to give me more insight

The stars have no shame

Not all off them even have a name

Tonight they sit tight

Giving us some of their light


It’s kind of strange

How us humans are arranged

We feel something deep inside

That can make us all go out as a light

Sometimes I feel insane

By thinking of what will never be the same


Life is hard

Life is tough

Sometimes I have to slow down

To find out if the world is still spinning around

We all want to become something

But with a friend, you really got everything

Carina Suaning Breitenbauch I .b





The centre of my hive

Why did you die?

You were the only reason I stayed au’


This sorrow I can’t comprehend

What have I become, my sweetest friend

Everyone I know

Goes away in the end


All this pain feeds

My torn soul

An open sore which always bleeds


Two feet below the surface

I can still make out your wavy face

If I could just reach you

Maybe I could leave this place


My mind is ablaze

I stare straight into the mirror

The one I’ve broken to match my face


Please take away

The pain and dismay

Hold me a little tighter

I might just slip away...







Flowers, birds and bees

Dancing together in peace

Harmony and fun

Dreaming in the sun


Love is being stronger

Days are turning longer

Happiness and friends

Smiles and good experience

                             By: Sofie Holm







Foreigner in a new country

In a strange culture

Of different nature

Conforming to strange beauty

Exotic impressions

Instead of coloured phobias


Foreigner on others’ way

Walk without permission

Why look at the television

When nobody wants you to stay

Then you have to pray

Instead of doing nothing


You hoped you could be talking

                                                Rasmus Dreyer, 1 .b






I miss the train.

what a shame,

and now it begins to rain.

what a pain.

I must be insane,

to go out in the rain,

for catching the next train.

                                                by: A. Christina Christensen







I believe in true love

And the things above

I believe in life in heaven

And the number seven

I believe in God and religion

But also silly superstition

                                      Signe Lentz







We meet

Both new in an unknown place

Faith has caught us by our feet

In the middle of the crowd I find your face


We wait

I go around feeling your presence

But time is running out, love will be late

You don’t see me with love and as your only sense


We talk

Both with friendly words to each other

Want to reveal my love, away you walk

Friendship is what you know, about my feelings you don’t bother

                                                                   Liv Helm Henriksen 1 .B






I want to be a poet

I’m trying every day

But all I have is an empty paper

-and NOTHING to say


I wanted to be a poet

I tried every day

But all I got was this empty paper

-and still NOTHING to say


Now I am a poet

I have tried this day

Now I have a full paper

-and have said what I wanted to say...

               Line Hoffmann Jergensen, I.b






I sit in the class

and it hurts.

I don’t like the big sounds

of screaming birds!

I’ll never ever drink again

but next Sunday it’ll all be the same!

                   Kira l.b





To get out of the darkness

To get to the beautiful

To get to your goal

is the best thing in life.

                             Julie Sloth 1b





What a tragedy

I don’t like what I see

letters floating everywhere

 it looks like I don’t care

it makes no sense

to put my feelings on paper

like an emotional fence

building up to guard my neighbour

so he doesn’t realize

 my own confusion

oh. please someone,

give me a solution.

                                      Josefine l.b






Unknowing / Knowing


When you are born, you don’t know what

Is going to happen to your life

Maybe you’ll a lot of friends

Maybe you won’t

Maybe you will find a nice guy

Maybe you won’t

Maybe you will go to school

And get good education

Maybe you won’t

Maybe you will live in a big house

Maybe you won’t

Maybe you will get married

Maybe you won’t

There are a lot of things.

We don’t know about in life

But there is one thing we all know...

And that is we all have to die...

                 Louise Skyum 1 .b





She knew the rain

She picked the leaves

She spoke to the night

And she sang the lullaby to a grown child.


We walked in rain

and sun.

I crawled into her pocket

And she sang the lullaby to a grown child.


She laid leaves under my pillow

She lay in my bed

And whispered stories of hills and rain

In my ear

And sang for a grown child.


She died on a cold day

It rained when I sang the lullaby to a grown child

But now

I don’t remember the words.

                   Ida Jespersen 1 .b






Family and friends

people you love to see.

They’re by your side today

and for eternity.


But if one day you cry out loud,

 and unanswered the echo returns.

Then eternity will fade

and your heart full of questions burns.


Yet I think it’s wrong to say

that they are gone when they die.

They’ll be there forevermore,

On their souls you can rely

                             Louise Gjedsted I .b





It’s Dark outside,

The moon is bright,

And all the stars are full of light,

The road is gone,

Until it’s dawn

Once again the sun shall be born.

Dorthe 1.b







So near, but still so far away

You showed me love along the way

Safe and warm you made me feel

My broken heart you could not heal.


You were my life, my everything

No matter what, I could not win

I guess I knew we couldn’t be

Together for all eternity.

                                      Tina Slott Jensen






My heart beats

In time with the clock

In time with you

I live for you

And hold my breath

Only for a second

Think with fear

Will parting from you be the end of all?

Without you, the sound of my heart disappears

No sound, no life

Surprised to discover

You are gone, you arc the past

My heart I thought would say no more

Without you by my side

Still beats in time

I hear the sound

I put my hand against my chest

I feel the beat of life

I live

Still my heart beats

No more for you, but for life.

                                                          Tina Slott Jensen






Friendship is happiness

Friendship is sadness

Friendship is sharing

Your moments of caring


Secrets to share

Makes friendship fair

It’s two of a kind

Not easy to find


A friend will comfort you

And you’ll be laughing too

That’s what friendship’s about

And I couldn’t live without

                                        Mirjam Lorenzen 1.b





You are on my mind

Whether I sleep or wake;

In my thoughts you’ll find

A broken heart belongs to you

And nothing else would ever do.


I think of you both night and day

And in my mind I always pray,

For you one day to understand

And maybe even hold my hand.


I hope, I dream for you to see

That in my heart you’ll always be

I long and look at the sky above

And say to myself

You are my true love.

                                                Tina Slott Jensen





I need you

I have you

                                                I need to have you

                                                I don’t want to loose you

                                                          I have lost you

                                                But you came back!

                                                                                       Tina Slott Jensen







When     i sit in the class and dream,

I think about ice cream,

But too much ice cream with vanilla

Can really be your killer.


I like ice cream with strawberry taste,

Nothing must go to waste

Ice cream is nicely cold

But aren’t good to eat, I was told.


One summer I was sitting in the sun,

I had an ice cream; it was a lot of fun,

But the ice started to melt

I can’t explain what I felt..


Drip, drip, drip there was this sound,

the sound of ice falling to the ground.

Quickly the ice must be eaten now,

I ate it fast; I don’t know how.

                                          Olla Ramskov






Whenever he is near my heart beats faster

Whenever he is near my outlook changes.

I want to be near him every day,

Every hour,

Every minute;

And whenever I man not, again

The outlook changes

Whenever he embraces me I feel in heaven


Whenever he is near.










Pacing the society towards the swollen ideal

the herd following by, entranced and surreal

beneath the laminated surface, any revolting appeal

is quickly stomped down, minds wound up at a reel


A barrier and limitation consistent of hesitation

fear of letting go denying emotions to grow


Impulses converted to serene and torpid stream

feelings and inspiration forgotten in a dream


The vivid thinking has finally been caught

-    only a thought, only a thought


Life made easier by the tick of the day

marvellous inventions — or so they say

clearing the path and establishing the goal

our spirits entrapped and melted into a whole

creativity and salvation sold in a can

digestible and sweet for any true-minded fan


How wonderful to have, what we’ve always sought

-    only a thought, only a thought

                                                                             Ole Michelsen






Snow is on the ground

lost things shall never be found

At least not until it’s melted and wet

and you’ll be in your bed

The bed will heal you from the cold you got

and you will feel hot

You’ll be dreaming of summer

and a little bit of your mamma

How she cuddled you

and made you tons of stew

But suddenly again you feel well

and back to life like a ringing bell

It’s been expected

And now it’s here

Children are playing ; ~

Adults wondering when it’s disappearing




It’s been expected

And now it’s here

Children are playing

Adults wondering when it’ll disappear.


The snow is so white

Making everything so beautiful and bright.




The snow comes with fun

But where is the sun/


The sun is so beautiful and white

 Making everything beautiful and bright.


Suddenly comes the rain

And more fun is here again;

Spring will soon be here

We all know because we feel it so near.








The long way, our way home

Nothing much I guess.

Just two friends walking in the snow,

A sneeze of cold god-bless.

A joke emerges from my throat, a laugh

And then a sigh.

A long way home and still to come

Three miles for you and I.


The long way home, crackling snow

Nothing much I guess.

Just two friends walking in the snow,

A sneeze of cold god-bless.

    A frost-cold nose, a sneaking cold, and clothes

    All moist to dry.

A long way home and still to come

two miles for you and 1.


The long way home, fields of winter

Nothing much I guess.

We’re almost there, at home, and a hand

 to bid goodbye.

A long way home and still to come

One mile for you and I.

                                         By Jonathan Blangstrup -2001-02-06.







When I’m without you — I cry

-   but why’?

              - So  I try

-    With a sigh

-    To get away

-    But they stay,

-    All these feelings

-    Below the ceilings

-   Of my head

              - in my bed

-    Make me sleepless

-    And restless

-    In the night

-   It’s no sight

-    For your eyes

Urik 3A






Fuck Jesus!

Why am I feeling like Jesus?

I don’t want to be like Jesus.

I don’t want to die

because someone fooled

Tears running down my cheeks.

Did Jesus cry when he was crucified,

B’cos Adam died?






Again alone, alone again

Always alone

I hate to be alone

Sitting here alone

Feeling empty and lonely

Feeling sad and lonely

I want to get out of this shell of loneliness

But how?

No one to talk to, no one is there

I might as well be dead

Rather than feel this dreadful loneliness

But I’m not …!








One late April night

A love started sprouting,

Every day it grew bigger and bigger

And as the days became brighter so did the love.

By mid-summer it was everywhere

Steaming like the summer sun.


Then one day a cloud appeared in the sky;

In the beginning it was very small — almost invisible

But it grew bigger as autumn arrived

The love got scared and tried to hide

But when the rain set in, it started shrinking

It was afraid the sprout would drown.


Even though the rain has turned to snow

The love is still here, but

It is so scared of withering

Because love does not like the cold.

April is not far away, and

Maybe the sprout will grow again.

                                                          by Janne Bruvoll







Chocolate is a girl’s best friend,

It’s the joy of life that has no end.

It’s the ultimate and complete delight,

It ‘s eternally loyal with a taste just right.

Oh sweet chocolate, I love thee,

Together we must always be!

Your varieties of shape and your sugar coating

Have this wonderful effect most soothing.

To you I turn when the world is cruel,

You’re the ultimate comfort, with you I feel cool.

Forever you favour my favourite flavour,

Caramel, cognac and nougat I savour.

Sometimes, though, my throat gets sore,

But I try to ignore it by eating some more.

But then it gets worse and my teeth start to ache

And your divine taste begins to fade.

You upset my stomach and I turn in disgust,

You make me sick, vomit I must.

You fill me with lies,

You’re a devil in disguise.

My love you once had,

Now I hate you, chocolate, ‘cause you make me fat!





Snow is white

Snow is bright

Snow is such a lovely sight


Snow makes me glad

Snow makes me sad

And there is more I wanna add


Snow is pure

For that I’m sure

But the cold I can’t endure






Here’s my ode to the cooking oil,

Which makes a sizzling bubble.

It brings the food to a better boil,

So with my oil, I fear no trouble.



It makes my lamb chop nice and sapid,

Instead of sticking to the pan.

It simply makes my heartbeat rapid,

- I’ll always have my oil, if I can.


My advice to all of you

Is therefore: USE COOKING OIL TOO!







Where music takes on

Is where feelings are born

And where left are our misleading fears

Where black leading white

Is the essence of right

Where we all start to judge through our ears


When nothing is finer

Like “Major” to “Minor”

Or simply the change of a note

We try to explain

Why it all gets so sane

But never through something we wrote

Hans Christian 3b








-If you look behind,

what do you see?

-If you look forward,

what do you see?

-If you study other people,

what do you see?

-If you find your inner self,

what do you see?

-Are you able to see at all?









I had a dream last night

The King of Horror reached out for me

and the darkness chased me around my bed


Cold sweat down my back, pearls on my lip

The scream of children crying out for help

Nobody never makes it!


Take me to the Castle of Death where nobody breathes

Leave me alone by the full moon

lead me on


I had a dream






Dear little child

It is getting cold I know

Do not be scared

We will find shelter to hide below


Dear little child

If we will let nobody see

Never speak

We will not show our misery


Dear little child

In my dark you are not to be found

Terribly hurt

I fall to the ground


Dear little child

I did not notice you leaving me

I feel weak

Will only I have to stand the difficulties that might be?


Until now I did not know

Dear little child

It was time for you to go








I don’t know if I really want you anymore

When we first talked you seemed so perfect,

but as time went by and I got to know you better

I started doubting whether you really are

my type of guy - or not!

Sometimes you seem so sweet and caring

and other times I really hate you

and think you are disgusting

You keep telling me how much you want me,

but I keep wondering if I really want you

Maybe I should just give it a try,

but will I regret it when it’s over?

I’m sure I will - if you’re just another bastard,

but if you really are like a Mr. Right

then I would totally regret that 1 rejected you.


Should I give it a try or not?

I’m so confused..







At the beginning only silence exists

You’ll see a reflected image of the moon in her eyes

and she wakes up

Her gurgling drowns the whispering of the dark night

She is drawn back


Fear and anger has its marks on her temper

She begins to roar loudly

Her waves roll faster now and harder

She throws everything around and

attacks again and again


She gives lives

She takes lives


A new wave takes form

So are the waves of our lives







Yesterday my life had a point

I used to belong with you

Be safe from the evil, the darkness, the world with you


Goodbye, I’m leaving you today

There is nothing you can say to make me

Change my mind - Goodbye


Now, now the fat old sun in the sky is falling

Children’s laughter stops

The grass stops growing

for me, for me

You were my swan

Now you are gone

I pray for you and for your return

In me you will forever burn






Love is gentle as a rose

A sweet delightful smell in my nose

Love is like the sun

It is good for everyone


Love can be laughter, the things we seek

It can put a smile on one’s cheek

It can make you feel weak

it can break your heart

You have to be careful

because it can tear you apart


Love is a word the devil can’t define

It’s a feeling I get when you say you’ll be mine

Love can make me shy and cry

meanwhile it can put the smile on my face


Love is in the world, but also dirt

All we need is the song from a bird

People, listen to me, to the sky above

Let’s join hands and make a little love








The lake at spring is oh so pure

But when you look at it you are not so sure

Because under the surface lies a secret

Some toxic has been dumped

out from the refinery it has been pumped


The lake at summer, the water is hot

But bathing in it you cannot

Because under the surface lies a secret

That is not water but acid

of human trash in it


The lake at autumn shines so bright

But drinking from it is not right

Because under the surface lies a secret

If you do you will die

But if you will you can try


The lake at winter does never freeze

Because over it lies a warm breeze

But under the surface lies a secret

The lake has been poisoned and will always be

Just like you and me








Each candle is a victim’s face

a soul, a time, a life, a place

Remember each smile of theirs is a grace

Each one suffered a distinct case

All in common; one thing they share

their names left to make us care

No need to feel each victim’s pain

They die in peace, not in vain






A little child asked his mom: Where does God come from

The mom she said with her gentle lips: He comes from above


The next day the child was gone.

The mom listened to a little song on a note he hadwritten:

I have flown to above


Then she ran out the door screaming: My little child has gone

People looked but they didn’t help

She said: He has flown to above


Two weeks later the child came home but he had an empty heart

He said: I didn’t fly to above, because there isn’t any God


The child became so ill. What had the mom done?

There was nothing she could do, just pray to above


Then when the child was dead

people came along asking what went wrong

And shy she said strong: He just flew to above








A cold and foggy January day

That brightened up so suddenly

A walk in the dripping forest

Imagining pixies and trolls behind each tree

These are some of my favorite memories


A picnic by the lake on a bright summer day

Sleeping, reading and feeding the ducks

A cold and bright evening by the beach

Sitting in the sand, watching the sun go down

These are some of my favorite memories


A night in an open field

Watching the stars dancing in the sky

An early morning in a foreign country

Snuggle close to you

These are some of my favorite memories






What is life?

Every day I wonder

Who made it?

And what else has he made?


Who are we?

Every day I wonder

Why are we here?

And for what reason?


What makes a family’?

Every day I wonder

Why my parents should love me?

The way they do


When will I fall in love?

Every day I wonder

When I do

Who will it be?


Who invented warfare?

 Every day I wonder

Where is he now?

Was he punished for it?


Who am I?

Every day I wonder

What will my future be?

 And how will be my end?


Why do I wonder’?

About so many things

Why can’t I find an answer

to even one question?                             






I see the skies through her eyes

And the sun shines through her smile

She grows in me like a flower in the green grass

She’s the sunshine of my heart


The roses are crying

and I’m left alone

Sometimes I wish I were a swallow

so I could fly to her


I miss her more than words can express

Her lonely dances like the waterfalls

I keep longing for the times we spent together

of how we shared our tears and laughed together


For the first time

I touched a warm heart

Because she opened her heart

and gave it to me


My blood started getting cold

as she flew away

But I smiled and turned away


Tonight the stars shine

but you’re the brightest one

my friend                             



The sun is rising above Uluru

the landscape is waking up

hundreds of tourists are waiting

It is a chilly autumn morning

You hear the sounds of all the buses arriving

people eating breakfast

someone is even complaining about the cold


Suddenly the sun is rising

the rock has turned bright red

it stands as a big contrast to the

dry brown landscape


The red colour is changing all the time

suddenly it is orange

then yellow

suddenly the sun has risen to a certain point

and the rock has turned brown again


We all look at each other

trying to describe what we have just witnessed

The sun has risen

it is all over until tonight

when the sun sets                                    






Everyone is breaking up

seems like it will never stop

I’m in the middle standing still

or is it I have a strong will

to make a good life

and be a good child

or am I only lucky


She told me today

her father is moving away

she cried the whole night

but I told her she’ll be alright

1 told her it’s better this way

but I’m the lucky one, what can I say

why am I lucky?


They were so happy for many years

now my brother is crying so many tears

cause she told him they were over

 maybe she felt she was getting older

I told him he is free now

but he only feels empty now

someday he will be lucky


I think I’ve found a place now

somewhere to be for a while now

I’m the one to help

helping them finding themselves

someday it will be me

me who’ll be having the need

to be with a lucky one






So now I’m set to write a poem

Cry my heart out, tell all my inner doubts

and let everyone read what a deep person I am


I really don’t think it’s funny

‘cause I would love writing something deep

and not about some stupid bunny

it just really isn’t easy


When I tell some deep down feeling

I can’t help-feeling shame

shame for the people who are reading

but maybe I one day can have fame


I just don’t think I’m a cold person

I have a lot of things I want to say

but when I try in a deep poetic version

I wish to hide and go away








A little boy was born

so beautiful, so innocent

a white angel with light hair and blue eyes

he will grow up and become a very important person

he will be a true hero


His parents were so proud

the white angel was fifteen years old now

he had so many fl-lends, everybody loved him

all the girls wanted him, but did he want them?


The white angel loved to party

all the happiness the drugs gave him - it was fantastic

the parents did not know, it was a secret

what could it be?

The white angel saw the devil and God when he smoked

the crack and drank the booze

he chose the red and angry devil

it felt so right


The white angel had a visit from a stranger

 the white angel liked the stranger

the mother came inside and saw something

the white angel was making love with the stranger

the mother screamed it was the devil

warm and wild with the drugs filled in the body

the white angel no longer had a secret






Jumping about

From time to time standing still

Silently observing my heart

- Jumping

Finally moving on

-  Jumping

From mood to mood

- Jumping

Living from day to day

-  Jumping

Some monotonous


Some changeable

-  Like jumps

“Adroit ones are preferable”!

-  Jumping

So they say

-  Jumping







I walked around

And found no peace

My feelings ran high

I looked in the sky

I saw the birds

They have a goal

A way to follow

I was lost

Not to be found

I wondered why

I can’t be free

Like the birds in the sky




What is love?

A favourite dish –

the more you eat

the more you starve


What is love? A human need –

the more we get

the more we need


Love is a fashion of compassion

without satisfaction


Love is special

Don’t push it away

Love is medical

It might not stay


One day it might be gone

Without your permission

So hold on

‘Cause love is a lifelong mission

So consider this question:


Would you rather be loved - or love?

                                                Camilla Falch



Your eyes touch me

when you look at me

the stillness reveal us

spare me from compassion

the only thing we know

is just to understand


Don’t try to ? ? ?

just try to realize that we were

not what we used to be so leave

me out of this misery

the only thing we know

is just to understand







If I could spend my lifetime to write this poem

It is difficult to be lonely

some think it is sadness

some think it is anger

others think it is a weapon

of self-destruction


Loneliness to me is a necessity

a moment to think

of thoughts to enjoy in pensive mood

An opportunity to be independent from others

To be pregnant of thoughts

deep inside. I believe I need the space

… to be alone








         How come some people find the love of their life the very first time they open their heart and soul to someone? How do you know when a person is the one and only for you’?

         Is it when he buys expensive jewelry and pays his way to your heart? Is it then you know he’s the one? Or is it when you lie in the dark feeling lonely and he sits beside you just to hold you close so you know you are not alone’? Is he the one when he wakes you up at two in the morning just to tell you that he loves you for the very first time? You will know when you look deep into his dark eyes and see that the only thing he has for you is love - love for you and nobody else!





It is cold and dark

Getting up is very hard

I want to stay in bed

I just can’t get up yet


Staying in bed is my morning desire

Those who can easily get up I admire


My bed is screaming; stay here today

just let this day pass away

Tell the world you’re sick -just pretend

Then this cold suffering can have an end


My stomach is grumpy

Breakfast is ready

I can feel I’m hungry


My mom is turning on the light

In the morning she is always feeling bright

Winter mornings are not exactly my favourite thing

Bitter memories to me they bring


I like much more to think of summer and sun

In summer getting up is much more fun


My mom is yelling from the kitchen

Oh, I wish she would stop this screaming

I like much more just lying in my bed dreaming


Now I have to get up

Otherwise I shall be late for school

Which is not part of the rule


So now I will say goodbye to this dreaming

But I am afraid this poem has no serious meaning







Some feel at home when their family is there

Some feel at home just with those who care

Some turn to simple geography

And some know where it is comfortable to be


Frustrating it is for those who do not know

Which place to stay or which way to go

An eternal searching for the comfort they’re missing

Starting to feel that it’s their roots they’re losing


Now you feel you’ve lost your roots too

Then turn around to search for the things you used to do

Consider your former everyday life; it is memory now instead

And forget the emptiness you feel every night

you’re lying in your bed

The rootlessness will sometimes cut you up like a knife

But you must accept that variety is the spice of life

Pick a day when you feel most miserable and alone

And take a deep look inside yourself

and you’ll know where to find your home

Anne Katrine





Spring is here. Once again the trees burst into leaves

my mind is clear and open

The lawn is covered with flowers sweet and gay

I take a deep breath of the smell of spring so deep


Summer is here. The beaches are fill of children playing

The temperature is too high

so a glass of lemonade is all I need

The sunshine touches my body and I get a warm feeling in me


Autumn is here. The trees change their clothes;

yellow, red, brown and different hues

Later they fall off

but just to make room for new shoots


Winter is here, the landscape is covered with snow

And the trees are white

because of hard frost. Winter comes with Christmas and

the time to share the love of all who care





Am I supposed to go to school every day

when I love to spend my time with friends?


Would you consider me as lazy?


Am I supposed to sit in a church

when my religion has no such place/


Would you consider me as atheist?


Am I supposed to fall in love

when love has found no place in my heart?


Would you consider me callous?


Why should people always need to be

what others would want them to be?


Would you consider me then as wanton?


If so ... you would force me

to be someone I’m not?







The following poems were also the results of an earlier collection at two workshops with 8C and 8D junior students (2001) of Molleskollen, Ry, Denmark. The following teachers Birgit Petersen, (8C teacher who was also my contact teacher at the school), and Thorkild Pedersen, (8D teacher) were of immense assistance to me during these sessions and other teaching assignments I had to undertake during my stay in that school.




POETRY COLLECTION BY 8D STUDENTS (2001) OF MOLLESKOLLEN, RY, DENMARK with Matthew Adjei and Thorkild Pedersen



I don’t love the early morning

I love to sleep and eat

I love my computer

And I love to be at home

                             Lasse 8D



I love my mom

I love my dad

I love my pony

I love my cat

I love the times we are together

And I hope we shall always be together forever

                             Maria-louise 8D



I love my Mom

I love my dad

I love my sister

I love my horse

I love my rabbit

And I will always love them all.


My mom and dad gave birth to me

My brother and sister are always there for me

My horse and rabbit love me

And I will always be there for them all

Because I love them

                             Nanna 8D





I hate to go to school

I hate to do homework

I hate to get up in the morning

I hate being serious

But I love to just sitting and dreaming about magic and Pokemon cards.

                             Benjamin Steen 8D





I’m cool and I’m fine

And if you wanna touch me, stand behind the line.

I’m like the President; I’m like the King;

And Rambo to me is nothing.

I’m the best! I’m the best! I’m the best!

‘cause I’m so cool and you are a fool.

                             Christian 8D





Soon Christmas will be here

And then it is the end of another year;

A new year will start,

And like this, it will go on forever.

                             Julie 8D







Why get up early

When it is dark outside?

The bed is hot

And I am tired.

                   Nikolaj 8D






A potato is like a person

When you have got through the outside

You can enjoy the inside


But some fruits are not enjoyable:

Just like some people

Some people are like lemons,

They can look nice on the outside

But bitter sour in the inside.

                             Kristoffer  SS  8D






War is bad; war is sad.

I can’t help to think about the illness, the anger,

The death, and the pride in the soldiers’ eyes.

I can’t help to think about how a man

Can kill another man without feeling bad and sad;

Because every time I hear about war;

And a man killing another,

I feel bed and sad, even though I didn’t do it.

                             Helena Grundahl 8D





It will soon be Christmas

And then we will drink a lot

Of alcohol free X-mas;

So we won’t get drunk,

Because if we get drunk, We will dance around

The Christmas tree to funk,

And that’s not the tradition,

Because it can give indigestion.

                             Soren Botker Petersen 8D




I have a friend

A very good frien;

Sometimes I share her fun

Other times I want to run

But still she is my good friend

My very, very best friend

                             Janni 8D





I wish I was a bird and could fly,

I wish I was rich and could everything buy,

I wish I could travel all over the world,

I wish I could feel my soul unfurled;

But then I just like to

be what I am.

                             Charlotte 8D





I love my bed

When I want to sleep


I love my bath

When it is warm and wet.


I love my computer

When I want to play.


I love my mom

When she is kind and sweet.

                             Jesper 8D





I love my computer when I play

I love my ct when we are together

I love the sun; and I love the snow

                             Claus b. Lovborg 8D





I like the spring

I like the summer

I like the autumn

I like the winter

I like the seasons,

But most of all , I like the year.


I like the morning

I like the noon

I like the evening

I like the night

But most of all, I like the day.


I like the moon

I like the stars

I like the sun

But most of all, I love to have some fun.

                             Marie 8D








Yesterday I got this smell of my childhood.

It was a smell I nearly had forgotten;

It was far away, but so near;

Just like a dream –

So blurred and so clear;

Made of joy – a simple world of freedom.

One day I hope it will blossom.

                             Anne 8C





Many people are scared of death

‘cause  they think it’s always too near.

Let’s make a few words clear:

Everyone gonna die someday,

So don’ hide yourself;

It is too much for the price to pay.

                             Anne 8C






I know a girl just so fine

Oh, I wish that she was mine;

Every man on this earth

Would die just to look at her.


Her love is young,

As fresh like a new song;

My only wish, my only dream

Is that there will be room enough for me.


She’s in my head; she’s in my heart,

Oh, I feel her in my every part;

I will follow her through the universe

Waiting on her love so wild and free.

                             Jacob Andersen 8C







I become immortal

When I write this poem;

If I become immortal

People will remember me.


I become immortal

When I write this poem;

I want to be remembered

And that’s my greatest wish.

                             Abbi  8C







She sits there and looks at me;

I don’t know what to do,

But I want to make her happy,

So I write her this poem.

                             Abbi 8C






STRANGE (To Matthew, our African teacher)

He is strange,

And his clothes are strange,

But I like him in a strange way.

Isn’t that strange?

                             Abbi 8C







Finally free from school,

Only 132 schooldays left.

Going home, lying down on my bed,

Watching television and feeling relaxed.

                             Lars 8C






I will talk about war.

On the telly I saw

The other man shoot at you.

How can that be true?

                             Lone 8C






Out in the forest stands a little tree;

That tree will someday grow up,

Up and up to the top

And become the king of the forest.

                             Lone 8C







You must know if you have a sister

And you fight with her

You can say ugly things you don’t mean,

But remember, you must not hit her.


If you hit her,

She will not forget,

And she will hit back,

And you will not forgive,

And that will be a shame.

                             Lone 8C






The school is over; the bell is ringing;

It is a nice feeling to be free.

I like that – now I can do what I will:

I am tired; I think I have to sleep.

                             Nis 8C






I want to be free,

But I don’t want to go home;

Just sitting in the field,

Thinking of where to roam.


I wish to be free,

Free from you,

Free from you;

Like an animal in the zoo.

                             Rasmus Hundrup 8C






Why me? Why that?

I have to move; that’s sad.

I don’t want to go away.

I think I’ll come back some day.

                             Caroline Maria 8C






When you are home alone

You are free like a bird,

You can do what you like

And eat what you want.


The feeling is good.

But I can’t understand

Why I want to be home

Just me all alone.

                             Per 8C






I like my computer.

It’s my beat friend;

It’s always there

When I want to be happy.

                             Per 8C








Over the hills where the grass is green and fresh,

There stands my horse waiting for me:

It plays and eats all day long;

But it is alone.

One day I will come and we will ride through the sunset together,

Then none of us will be alone any more.

                             Katrine 8C





I wish I were a butterfly

Because, then I could be free;

And then I could do what I want

Forever in my life.






I like cola

Because it tastes good.

I drink it in the summer

When the weather is hot.


I like football

Because it’s funny to play;

I play in the summer

When the grass is green.


I like candy

Because it tastes good;

I eat it all the year

Because I love it.






They jump and jump;

They run up and down;

They play with a ball;

They score a goal.

                             Morten 8C








We learn and learn,

And a man says some words,

He can teach us

And we can learn from him.

                             Morten 8C







Denmark is a good country

Because we can do a lot of things;

But in Denmark, it’s the weather

I dislike most of all.

                             Morten 8C







When I am waking up in the morning,

I don’t want to get up.

I am trying to lift my body:

My arms say: ‘Stop!’

My mind convinces my legs:

‘We have to go!’

But the whole of my body is groaning:

‘No o o o o o!

                             Rasmus 8C






If you have a brother,

You sometimes think you hate him;

But if you lose him,

You will love him forever.

                             Kamilla 8C






A mouse in a house

You can see,

But a rat in a house

Oh! … let it be.

                             Kamilla 8C






The rose is beautiful and red;

It’s growing in nature’s bed,

It is the symbol of love for me

And no matter how hard I try

It always blooms inside my head.

                             Maria 8C






I remember yesterday.

No, it must be years ago –

How it was? What can I show?

I miss it, and that’s all I know!

                             Christine 8C






Sad and down my heart hurts;

Happy and glad my heart smiles.

But no matter what

It will still keep beating.

                             Christine 8C






A seed in the earth

It’s growing so fast,

It’s growing and growing,

It’s getting so high –

A beautiful rose is the end

Of a beautiful life.

                             Mark Tan 8C







The wind is blowing,

The leaves are waving,

The grasses are singing,

And life is a beautiful thing.

                             Mark Tan 8C






She’s my sun; she’s my rose;

She caught me like a hose,

She’s got two blue eyes

They can’t tell me any lies.


She’s my star; she’s my pride;

I wish in her I could hide.

She’s so light; she’s so nice

You cannot buy her for any price.


She’s so great; she’s my bird;

I wish for my life, she wouldn’t be hard.

She’s my hand; she’s my head

That girl I will never forget.


She’s my heart; she’s my soul;

She’s anything else than cold.

She’s so happy; she’s so right;

As I said before, she’s my pride.

                             Kaare 8C