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My Palestinian crime novels, Ethiopian marathoners and Michael Jackson's glove on the BBC
Omar Yussef tracks the killer of a member of the ancient sect of Samaritans in the West Bank -- only to uncover a deadly secret from his best friend's past.

I was on the BBC World Service's <a href="http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/news/2009/03/000000_world_today.shtml">The World Today</a> chatting about my Palestinian crime novels today. Because of the nature of the show, I also was asked my opinions on Cairo's muezzins, Ethiopian distance running and the value of Michael Jackson's rhinestone-encrusted white glove (you remember, the one he wore at the Motown Awards the first time he ever did the moonwalk). Haven't you always wanted to know what I thought about such issues? Well, there are some well-informed characters on the show too, so it's worth a listen.