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Jun.11.2009 - 4:00 am
One Sunday afternoon in March when I was fourteen, my friend Cindy was murdered in the Arizona desert not far from my home while on her way to my best friend’s house. We were in...
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Jun.16.2009 - 4:15 am
In response to: "Losing My Religion", an animated poem by Ren Powell
Jun.16.2009 - 4:01 am
In response to: It Isn’t Working: Jews Should Try Harder to Control the Newspapers
Haaretz IS a great newspaper, and it is so cool that they did this. I think if Newsweek can turn over an issue to...
Jun.15.2009 - 9:18 am
In response to: Elegy for Black Oak Books on Shattuck
Wonderful blog. I also very much loved Black Oak Books. Even though I live on the opposite coast, so didn't get much...
Jan.06.2009 - 9:20 am
In response to: What Happened, How he Died
There are no words, but I feel like I have to find them from somewhere, especially after you have found them here. Just...
Jul.09.2008 - 11:08 am
In response to: "I just didn't fall in love."
This is an awful part of the process. But it is just part of the process. For nearly everyone, I think. It doesn't say...