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Masha Hamilton's Books

31 Hours
In the middle of the night in New York City, a woman jolts awake, realizing she hasn't heard from her 21-year-old son in weeks, and knowing beyond doubt that something is wrong. His girlfriend doesn't know why he won't answer his cell phone or why he doesn't call anymore. What we know is that the young man, Jonas, is isolated in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge, pondering his...
Staircase of a Thousand Steps
This debut is a stunner ... rendered so authentically it had us shaking the sand out of our shoes ... Lifting the flap on Bedouin tents, Hamilton peers into the Arabic village of Ein Fadr, a land seething with long-held tensions and filled with extremes that entice. – PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY (STARRED REVIEW) In a remote desert village of storytellers and seers, the accidental revelation...
The Camel Bookmobile
Fiona Sweeney wants to do something that matters, and she chooses to make her mark in the arid bush of northeastern Kenya. By heping to start a traveling library, she hopes to bring the words of Homer, Hemingway and Dr. Seus to farflung tiny communities where people live daily with drought, hunger and disease. Her intentions are honorable, and her rules are firm: due to the limited...
The Distance Between Us
Caddie Blair feels everything strongly -- and so she works hard to keep her distance. It's the ethical thing for a journalist to do, expecially in a war-torn region like the Middle East. And Caddie wants to believe that nothing is as important as covering "the story." There's room for passion in her life, but Caddie keeps even these fleeting attachments under wraps,...