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Carlsbad, Ca
I was married to Trinidad Playwright Lennox Raphael, author of the play Che! and other works. He is now living in Copenhagen with his current wife and daughter. Lennox and I published Garden of Hope, Autobigraphy of a Marriage last year. The book tied for first place at the San Diego Writers Award program in 2005. Hopewell Publishers published it last year. Our son Raphael Raphael wrote the introduction.
May 2008

When I was five years old I created a story that my grandfather typed and mailed to St Anthony Messenger.  The magazine promptly gave me my first rejection slip.  I continued writing all my life.  Was editor of the literary magazine at Ohio University.  Won a prize from the French government for Une Annee a Paris.  Anais Nin wrote the Preface for Runaways, America's Lost Youth which was published in NYC and japan.  The Authors Guild republublished it in their Backinprint series.  Recently St. Anthony Messenger Press , the publisher that gave me my first rejection slip published my book What Mother Teresa Taught Me.


Although Ernest Hemingway is not my favorite author he has influenced me more than any other. I see his work as an iceburg with much essential information underneath and on the top his work is like a telegraph, as short as possible without losing any meaning. That is the way I try to write. I love Anais Nin's journals and have learned a lot from her, the way she plays with language and the sense of sharing something very private. Recently I discovered Kiana Davenport's Shark Dialogues and her wonderful rich storytelling and sensual descriptions inspires me.

Upcoming Works

I am working on my latest book The Saints of Molokai, a nonfiction story of how people with Hansen's disease (leprosy) were arrested, sometimes put into cages and shipped to a far away section of Molokai where they were often forced to swim to shore. At first there was no drinking water available, no shelter, They had to hurt for food. There were no doctors and no medicine. But the people managed to survive and create a loving society where some refused to leave when given the opportunity.

And I wrote a novel in three days many years ago and now I am trying to finish my nonfiction book How to Write a Novel in Three Days."


Mary Sue Seymour Canton New York


Writers World International Press
St. Anthony Messenger Press
HOUSE OF LIFE CENTER Heliopolis, Cairo Egypt
Authors Guild
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Interests & Hobbies

I love traveling, learning languages, dancing, painting, listening to music, reading, visiting with friends, picnics