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Off I headed this afternoon in the quest for a new writing desk. I was confident as I drove along in my little red Bug pressing the button on my ipod to play something upbeat, something to match my mood. I went from the usual Wes Montgomery to Bob Dylan and finally to a Steely Dan number; Drive West on Sunset to the Sea, turn that jungle music down, just until we're outta town................I drove outta of town alright to a small village five miles west of my house. I recalled a furniture store, where, in the past I had purchased a few fine items, one including my current desk. One of those old style roll top desks, with tiny drawers and little cubby holes, it has that  distressed look. It suits me. And it does the job. Now that I am on the throes of the Novel I have decided I need yet another desk, this time, one that I can put  upstairs, in the sanctuary of the upper quarters, far away from the call of teenagers, spouses, cat, dogs, telephones, doorbells and life in general. Before I headed off I checked on the garden and was gratified to see the greening of the vegetables. The toil of my labour appearing in the  onions, potatoes, lettuces, carrots, radishes, parsley, peas all doing well, the rocket taking a small beating from the past rain and wind. I covered it with an old window pane that was cast aside and hopefully the glass will work its wonders. I thought how a little devotion to something pays off dividends. I can't wait to harvest the peas.

The furniture store disappointed. The buyer seems to have gone back to the good old days. The contents were depressing. The word recession came to mind. I thought I was walking into a set straight off the Brady Bunch. My god. I walked around and turned immediately for the door. Give me a plank and two legs and a saw and a few nails to set up something to hold my laptop but Brady Bunch furniture for lots of money,no thanks. Across the road a small farmer's market had set up. I ambled over. It was fun apart from the cold raw wind blowing the canopies all over the place. Everyone looked frozen. But I came across some good fresh produce. I bought some wonderful Rocket and organic Romaine, organic tomatoes. I encountered a great cheese stand where an Italian man, still with the glow of sunshine on his skin, stood proud of his wares. I asked him to recommend a blue cheese for a sauce to go over pasta, he smeared some onto a knife and had me taste it. I bought it. It was delicious.

When I got home I proceeded to wash the goods that I had purchased and  to make the sauce with the cheese. I thought about my own garden. What I was growing. I was growing more than the produce though, wasn't I. I was trying to dig a bigger hole and plant bigger seeds and I floundered around. I did.  Because,  I couldn't decide where the bed was going to go and when I did, what the hell was  I going to put into it?

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Ah! Mary P, your blog metaphors

come mostly from your home or garden.

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Yes Dennis, I see that now

Yes Dennis, I see that now but would not have until you pointed it out!

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Mary, are there any good

Mary, are there any good auctions nearby? I have some beautiful antiques that I bought at auction for far less than the new stuff. They are sturdy and functional and very well made. Maybe you could find a suitable desk at auction.