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John arrived up from County Clare pulling a big trailer behind his jeep. He was here to pick up the couches. I was happy to see him and once he carried out the furniture with H's help it seemed that the living room was once again allowed to breathe new air.

They loaded the couches into the trailer and I laughed because men moving furniture is such a serious affair. All of a sudden they seem to have a sense of camaraderie about them, busying themselves with knots and plastic and movement. Still, I'm so relieved to see them go, the couches that is and I do  admit they did look a little tired, like old elephants for some reason. I hope John will understand that the few dings on the leather are from our very wonderful old cat, Bella, who somehow had a penchant for such things. But that is long ago now.

I made a Parsnip and coconut cake to celebrate. Dairy free and wonderful. I used organic coconut oil. The flavours work a treat and the frosting strangely enough reminds me of my childhood. I am always on the look out for something different and this cake is a winner and perfect with a cup of coffee.

I encouraged Tom, our wonderful painter, to partake of a slice but he was busy gauging the work involved in repainting the kitchen. He assured me it would be done when we journey to Dublin on Saturday to look for new couches. I know. We have to drive two hundred and fifty miles just to buy some furniture. Ridiculous I hear you say. But true. You see, this recession has caused all of the local furniture stores to close down. It was a bit of a revelation to discover this fact when H and I drove around the old shopping centres  a few days ago in search of at least one open store. Nada. All boarded up. Liquidated. Just like that. Anyway, Tom is a treasure. Tom guarantees all those stains and cracks will be erased by the time I get back on Saturday evening. All those stews and cakes and pancakes and turkeys and hams and pastries and cinnamon rolls and roast chickens and legs of lamb will be gone from the walls and I can begin all over again. 

The days have turned bitterly cold once more and even the dogs have no interest in being outdoors. I keep thinking about the warm days to come and apart from the odd, sporadic day of sunshine the weather forecast does not look good. But we keep going. Planning and dreaming. Moving things around. Lighting the candles and eating the good nourishing food and never once thinking that  we have it bad. The gods have been good so far this year and even though the ash tree is slow to bud, it will when it is ready. Just like everything else really. Ready in its own good time.


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Parsnip and Coconut Cake

Oh, Mary!  This sounds too divine!  I have long been a fan of parsnips and sneak them into as many dishes as I can. What a tantalizing combination!

Here's to more treats—food and words— from your freshly painted kitchen!


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From one parsnip fan to another!

I have to tell you B that this cake is simply amazing! It is moist and full of goodness and the hint of lemon zest and juice really heightens the overall dreamy experience...I will gladly post the recipe for you. mx

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Its Own Good Time

Thank you for helping us remember that its own time is GOOD.  So sorry to think of the closed furniture stores and the heartbreak that must have brought.  Enjoy your shopping trip to the far-away stores and share your new couches with us when they arrive. (What will happen to the old ones that John hauled away?)  I loved the imagery of the men moving furniture.

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Well, Sue, John bought the

Well, Sue, John bought the couches (at a very fair price)! He is in the process of renovating old buildings to rent out to tourists, especially Americans. 

Great to see you! Happy Spring. mx

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another lovely snapshot of

another lovely snapshot of life where you are - thanks. M

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Hi Moni, Greetings. Glad you

Hi Moni,

Greetings. Glad you had a glance at my snaps! I have to say I enjoy yours too. mx

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Another beautiful tableau,

Another beautiful tableau, Mary.

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Beautiful word, tableau.

Beautiful word, tableau. Thanks, K. Hope all is well. mx

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How wonderfully you compare

How wonderfully you compare the old couches with the old elephants! And I know how did you feel about. I wish if I can transfer warm and sunny days with all its freedom from here to Ireland. Wish you great comfort in new couch.

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Oh mail me some sunshine,

Oh mail me some sunshine, Jitu and some of your wonderful cuisine - please!

It is always a comfort to see you, Dr. J. mars x

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Parsnips and coconut--what an

Parsnips and coconut--what an unusual but delicious-sounding cake! Do you think it wouild work with yams? As always, Mary, your post is full of delightful images and tastes.  Looking forward to more when your  kitchen repairs/painting is finished and the comfy couches brought home!    :) J

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I don't know about the yams,

I don't know about the yams, Judee. It might work. I think the coconut works well with the parsnip for some strange reason. Thanks for taking the time to taste my blog. It is appreciated. mx

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Beautiful words, beautiful

Beautiful words, beautiful worlds.  Your prose evokes wisdom and timelessness.

And we do indeed take moving very seriously.  For me, oddly, I take the moving of others' things more seriously than my own.  It's not camaraderie, for me, necessarily, and I don't know if it is for my friends, either.  I think it's more about shared purpose, as we help each other move around as much as possible.

If we're not there to help others move, why would they help us?  A simple lesson missed by too many today.  There, I sounded like an old fuddy-duddy again.

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Helping others to receive help...

Oh thank you so much Steven. I bask in your kind words.

...and you don't sound like a fuddy-duddy at all. You sound like a wise person who has it all figured out. All the best from a very cold and wintery day in Ireland. m

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Thanks, Mary.  I wish I had

Thanks, Mary.  I wish I had it all figured out!  I think I fake it well.

Best wishes from a very wintry, snowy and windy day here in New England, where the calendar says it's Spring, but the weather says "I don't think so."