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Unfinished Words

Blank page with only blue lines to fill with blue ink. Blue ink turns to blotches of letters that don't seem to connect. It's like learning to write all over again when first you have to grasp the alien instrument into your hand and drive it across the paper. Then it is the meticulous joining of the curves and curls until the letters take on a life of their own and they turn into spirals that soon become words like golden ringlets and strands that dangle from the wire. Dangling words that, unless they form some coherence remain useless and unconnected and will, if not addressed and pondered upon, become limp and ultimately discarded. Imagine a bold t without a cross or that delicious i without a dot over its tall slim body. 

Unfinished words are like doors left ajar when you discover the opening is either too narrow to enter or to  exit. Embers are no good either because they only reveal what was or the promise of what could have been. Unfinished words are like a saucepan without a lid or a cup missing a handle or a dog with only three legs, half of what it should be, its purpose compromised. People can be unfinished too. They can come and go and never come back. One minute youré hugging and loving  them and the next day it's almost as if they never existed. A dead filament of memory. Flowers are like that too, one day you stand and look at them as if they are going to last forever and why, the next day, out you go to relive the promise and all you see are dead blossoms, rotting and shrivelled up and you wonder if you ever really saw them at all...... 

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and then there are days that

and then there are days that the words just don't want to come out and play, so i drift to mary's red room page and lose myself in her wonderful prose.

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Ah David, thank you. I

Ah David, thank you. I needed that. It's a tough old grind isn't it? I mean you want to say so much but sometimes the words stick and choke you up and you end up crying over the result. Best, M

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Hi Mary,

Unfinished words sound like an element of monono-aware. Most people refer monono-aware as the brevity of life only, but I’m learning that it includes so many other sensibilities. So when I saw your blog, I thought of the word.

I enjoyed reading your blog.

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Thank you Keiko. Lovely to

Thank you Keiko. Lovely to read your comment. Mp

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Unfinished Words

Marian Veverka
You really "hit the nail on the head". A great way of expressing the frustration & sense of incompleteness that hovers in the background of all of us who try to express ourselves with words.