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This is all we have

Evening and the sky eats up the day until a token morsel is left for me to marvel over,  to announce to all in the kitchen to come look to the heavens. One piece of patchwork refuses to succumb to darkness and it draws us as one to the window while candles flicker in the room and the stove warms dinner. Such unity and accord and rightly so for this time of year. But how could it be any other way? Impossible, when within this nest the general view is that the sky matters more than anything else. The sky dictates the way we move and glide through the day and when it calls for the day to end, we gather beneath its glory and bow down to greater things that we can never fathom. These things, the slowing down, the magnificent tapestry must never go unheralded because in the end this is all we have, this is all there is.

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Celebrating the sky...

I like that clause "the magnificant tapestry must never go unheralded." Thanks for heralding it and causing us all to appreciate it.

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Thank you Sue for always

Thank you Sue for always reading me. You have been so constant, I don't know what I would do without you! m

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Mares, I watched clear


I watched clear twinkling stars tonight. Funny, I was thinking the same thing although the sky is there everyday.

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Hi Keiko, yes, the sky is

Hi Keiko, yes, the sky is there everyday and we surely take it for granted but out here it is very special because from the kitchen window I can look out to the west and over the Atlantic and it is so special, dramatic, it speaks me to me Keiko, it practically saves me in a way that I cannot ever express. Sometimes, I even think that it is all I have. mares

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The Atlantic

One of my life goals was to spend 3 months living by the ocean sometime. How wonderful that you are there all the time.

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Sue, That's my dream,


That's my dream, too.


That's not all you have. You have a lot because you do. But I guess that's our standard reaction to each other in living in a consumer oriented world. When I look at the night sky, I too feel that. Forget all material or non-material possessions, what's left? No pity or sadness. The night sky elevates my spirit.