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The bluest of days

My son comes home from college for the Easter break. I pick him up at the bus station. I think I'm listening to Miles Davis or I wish I was listening to Miles. Maybe it's a rehash. I can't quite tell. I can tell you it is chaotic at the bus station. The engineer should be sacked for building a place that requires mucho traffic at all times of the day and night without considering footfall and traffic fall. I mean I park on a double yellow. Heave my bug up onto the kerb. Break all the rules. But I don't really care. All I care about is seeing my son emerge from the Celtic Tiger glass building that no longer looks Celtic Tiger. Instead it looks sad and almost vulgar.

He does emerge. He looks tired. He carries a big bag of laundry. He also looks hungry. I stop at the store on the way home. Buy sourdough. Irish Emmental. Baked Ham. Toasted sandwiches always soothe the weary traveller. I wish I had made some soup but I was busy today running back and forth. Tomorrow is another day.

We talk in the car. Comment on the gleam of silver off the bay. Discuss his siblings. He asks about his Dad. I touch him. I can't help it. I have missed him over these past few months. I did see him last week but the city is so chaotic. It was brief. There is so much to talk about. His trip to the USA this May. His new passport. His studies. His philosphy.

The bluest day welcomes him home. I mean bluest of skies and the billowing fresh new clothes line to hang all his clothes out on and the new air in from the bog and everything all a changing like someone wiped the blackboard and said it's all yours. That's the way I feel these days. Like anything is possible. And all the chairs at the dinner table filled. Now that's something you cannot buy. Why a year ago there was a chance that one of my sons would not be here today and now here they are each one my joy. Sorry for sounding the cutesie type but I'm not a bit. True. I am more aware than that but there has to be nothing more complete than a gathering of family to eat the food on the plate. To savour. Discuss. Share. Express fear, loss, hope and doubt. For this I am grateful on this day. I am fed in more ways than food can ever give me and the candle burns gracefully, like something that will never reach to  the end and even when it does it burns out beautifully, like it's been worth the long journey even though the destination is never even considered. 

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It truly is very special to

It truly is very special to havc the dinner table filled with family, Mary. Cherish these moments for  it will be soon enough when all your children will be savouring their wonderful experiences as they explore the world. Have a very Happy Easter with all your family around you, my Irish Friend!  

Cheers, J

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Thank you so much, Judee. I

Thank you so much, Judee. I hope the Easter Bunny is good to you. mx

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Hi Jane, Happy Easter to you.

Hi Jane,

Happy Easter to you. Thanks for your friendship. m

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It is truly a joy to be

It is truly a joy to be grateful, and it is extremely rare to be content.  Congratulations on being both of those in the same day, at the same time.

You're right to savor that moment.  I'm happy for you, and I'm hopeful for me.  I'm with you--I feel like anything can happen now, too.  For the better.

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Steven, it is fantastic to

Steven, it is fantastic to read your comment. Go. Live. Enjoy! m

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I can feel the pure joy in

I can feel the pure joy in your words and between the lines! Enjoy!

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I hope you have a lovely

I hope you have a lovely holiday, Jodi. I am off to bake a cake. Frosting? A thick, dark, shiny ganache! mx

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Does anybody know how Wallace

Does anybody know how Wallace Stegner, Angle of Repose and Crossing to Safety got onto my tag line?!!! I am baffled and puzzled? Thanks, m 

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I'm so happy for you. What

I'm so happy for you. What can be better than family glued together with love and home and food. Sounds wonderful.

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Blog comments!

Here you are again, Eva! Thank you for the comment. Precious these days as far as I can tell. No matter. I will keep throwing out my thoughts and hope that good people like yourself happen to stumble upon them. Best, m x

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Your family sounds wonderful,

Your family sounds wonderful, Mary.  I am sure much of the credit must go to you, as the mater familias.  Happy Easter to you all!

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Thanks, Katherine. Cold wind

Thanks, Katherine. Cold wind from Siberia keeping us indoors today! Best, m

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Couldn't be a more perfect

Couldn't be a more perfect gathering, Mary. It's always a treat to read about your family--so, much love. And my, your son seems to have grown so fast.

Please give a smile and a pat to small dog for me. : )

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Good to see you, Rebb. Yes,

Good to see you, Rebb. Yes, time flies.........and all of a sudden my brood is all grown up! I have to admit most of the time it is nice but there are times when I wish I could put the clock back. 

Small dog sends one of her infamous smooches back to you!