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Tagine and Apricot Skies

Everything about today appeared richly golden and shimmering.  I don't know if it is because of Halloween or because I am drawn to things of that colour at this time of year or because I am in a marvellous frame of mind, always on a Friday, as I have yoga class on Thursday nights and the benefits are enormous.  I got up early this morning, eightish, that's early, considering the boys are all off school due to the mid term break.  The first thing I did was to start making Tagine for my dinner party tomorrow night.  Golden turmeric, glistening sultanas and spoons of black treacle, cumin, coriander, cilantro.....connemara lamb.  Yum, the wonderful aromas infused the house.  I had to put a note on the casserole, ''please do not eat'' (my boys are notorious for their appetites).  The tagine will marinate overnight.  My guests are lucky guests. The younger teen is off to a Halloween party and so that leaves the older teen, the young adult, hubbie and me.  We are going out for pizza....the older teen is bringing his girlfriend.  Serious stuff.  Tonight on the way home from my walk the sky was the most beautiful sky I have witnessed in months.  Apricot mixed with a very mild cerise, a dab of Doulton blue and a scattering of wispy clouds that might have been waves frozen in time.  Honestly, I live in the most beautiful place on an evening like tonight.  Alas, the sun has almost set.  The golden day is on the wane......P.S. On the way to the pizza restaurant we passed a church.  There was a priest outside, standing in the shadows,  smoking a cigarette - at least he looked like a priest but then again it is that kind of night.