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Strategy is a Harsh Sounding Word

I was just down in the kitchen talking to my son about making plans for his upcoming school year. The matter of points is crucial for him now and his future college life will ultimately boil down to how many (points) he gets in his final exams. He is aiming at A's in most subjects and so we both came to the conclusion that if he is to succeed he has to have a strategy formed well in advance to assure a favourable outcome.

In between his frying of  a third egg and I warning him about eating too many ova, he casually mentioned that everything in life is a strategy, girls, the gym, eating, daily living. I thought about telling him that, while strategy is all very well there are some things that no matter how much you plan for, they just don't work out. But I kept that to myself. I figured that will be something for him to discover all by his lonesome and besides I didn't want to spoil his youthful optimism and his ridiculous egg feast. So I poured myself a cup of coffee and  stole myself away quietly and, I hasten to add with surprising strategy up to my computer to write it down. As I climbed the stairs I felt a little disconcerted. Maybe he was right. Maybe I got it all wrong. You have to have strategy to succeed. Is that why some writers' are so successful, they have the right mix of creativity and strategy. But strategy is a harsh sounding word,  almost mean, in a way. I looked the word up the Oxford Dictionary, it says strategy; the art of war, management or armies, the art of moving ships, aircraft etc., a plan of action or policy in business or politics.  Hmm.........I certainly don't fit that description. I've rarely had a plan of any kind in my life to date. I never planned on meeting my husband and living in many parts of the USA, I never planned on having babies, I never planned on losing contact with  my siblings, I never planned for grief or happiness or pain. Certainly, I have planned holidays and parties and shopping lists but somehow I feel I just don't quite make the mark with strategy.

Each day I awaken and thank the morning. I open myself up to it. I try to be kind and love and listen and care. I hope the strategic plan works for my son, because he has a lot to learn about the winds of change. I think next time we talk I might mention fate. Now that's a good one. I like fate, it sounds soft and open and trusting.

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It would appear that your strategy of sitting down at the keyboard and addressing the individual keys, one by one, is working.

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Tap tap Ron! Or is it Rap

Tap tap Ron! Or is it Rap Rap!