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Seventy thousand plus!!!!

Thanks to all my readers. 70,010 reads on my blog.  Number ten reader  I love you..............

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Hello Mary,

That's great news. Thanks for being part of the community on redroom.com.

Abraham Mertens, redroom.com

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Thank you Abraham. I enjoy

Thank you Abraham. I enjoy the entire experience. Great venue. Regards, Mary

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I couldn't have done it

I couldn't have done it without you Jodi - thank you mx

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Congratulations on your amazing numbers. It won't be long before you reach 6 figures.

I'm number 10 of course.


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Cheers Jules - I know you

Cheers Jules - I know you are number 10 and btw congrats on ;your latest pubs. mx

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Congratulations, Mary P!

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Ah Sue, Sue, Sue my dearest

Ah Sue, Sue, Sue my dearest loyal reader. I do love you. mx

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Cheers all around!

Mary, that is fantastic. Congratulations...and of course we hope to see much much more!

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Hi Sharon - thank you for

Hi Sharon - thank you for your support and interest and dearest of comments over the past year or so. Funny but I know you so well even though we have never met and I feel that you know me equally.....hope al is well with you. Cooking up a storm these days and exams loom. Still, it is so much fun when all is said and done. Small dog sends you a waggy tail and a grateful paw. mx

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Yeah, Mary!

Of course, I'm gloating! I am happy to be a repeated reader of your creative blogs. Glad to see there are so many of us.
Happy Days!
Mary Walsh

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How nice to see you Mary

How nice to see you Mary Walsh. Thank you for reading me and for your wonderful pic - that hat belongs in the south of France - very Bardot! mx

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I'm a bit late in congratulating you Mary...

but it is nonetheless heartfelt when I say "Congrats!" and may you hit 100,000 soon. It's always enjoyable reading your posts; we are the lucky ones who get to enjoy your life in words. Thanks for sharing with us~nan

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No, It's Me!

I want to be Number 10!

Very cool, Mary, to be read on RedRoom to the 70 thousandth power. My hat's off to you, figuratively speaking. Looking forward to a few thousand more views of your work.


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Thanks Nancy and Christine,

Thanks Nancy and Christine, so kind of you to send wishes across the pond. Red Room is a cosy place all the better for people like you. best, m

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Congratulation Amber

Congratulation Amber Lady.Wishing you for 6 digits.

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Amber Lady thanks her dear

Amber Lady thanks her dear friend! I want to concentrate on more food writing Jitu - I think it is my destination...as for the 6 digits, we shall see. Thank you for reading me this long past while-our paths intertwine and they are all the more interesting for that. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Best from a beatufiful Spring in Ireland. mx