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Nothing to Blog about.....

There is nothing to blog about. Nothing but the wind and the rain and the defiant Sumac tree as it braces itself against the gale. You will mellow soon Sumac tree and I will stand in the magical brink of late Fall and sip in your beauty and I will want to freeze frame your yellow and orange hues. Your gift to me.

There is nothing to blog about. Nothing but Genesis coming from a stereo down the hall. Haven't heard that in awhile - 'blood on the rooftops, Venice in the Spring, The streets of San Francisco, A word from Peking............' Memories stir. Sedona, yes, Anodes in reverse! Red rock burnt by the sun and a swim in the creek, naked underneath a cottonwood tree, blistering heat.

There is nothing to blog about. Dogs too big for the house. One comes to me, nuzzles his nose on my lap and says,

                -Mary, write about me.

                - No, go away, I'm writing, can't you see. Shoo........

 There is nothing to blog about. A question. A voice.

                 -What do you need at the store? Green Onions? Soap?

                 -You decide, can't you see, I'm writing.

                 -Writing what?

Voices in kitchen come to me like hailstones on a tin roof.


Water slices from a faucet, fingers tap tap on the kitchen table. Slush.

There is nothing to blog about. Another voice.

                 -What's for dinner?

                 -Sweet and Sour.

                 -Sweet and Sour what?


                 - and Rice?

                 -Yes and prawn crackers.

                 -Now, for god's sake stop tapping on the table.

A coffee pot clatters, Bialetti steel hits ceramic. A whistle louder than the wind hovers in the air.

There is nothing to blog about. Left hand allows the pen to slip from my grasp, my hand lies open, dulled and heavy. With searching. More tapping, slushing, music, voices, wind, bells, rain, trees, questions,memories. & sometimes answers. And there is nothing to blog about. Nothing at all.

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But yet everything, Mary!

But yet everything, Mary! Beautiful.

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As always Dorraine, I thank

As always Dorraine, I thank you.

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Now, I felt like a little

Now, I felt like a little fly around your house, Mary. Please don´t kill me...:-D

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Was that you on the

Was that you on the wall, Luciana!

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I have a Bialetti, here in Indiana, too. Simplicity equals beauty as far as making coffee goes. And there is nothing more simple or more beautiful that a Bialetti stove top forced steam coffee pot. For whatever that is worth. Or not. Maybe I could write ad copy for Bialetti. Or notes from the kitchen........

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I agree - it is the only way

I agree - it is the only way to make good coffee.

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How wonderful to read. I

How wonderful to read. I like the sound of hush and slush. You are so much fun to listen to!

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Thanks for listening

Thanks for listening Rebecca!

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We identify,,,

I suspect most women writers with families in the house identify with this blog. Isn't someone always hungry?

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Sue, I'm thinking of

Sue, I'm thinking of chucking the refrigerator and installing a trough!

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Unnamed dog is. . .Missy?

Unnamed dog is. . .Missy? But doesn't she call you The Mary?  Or, now that she is an integral part of the family, are you on a single-name basis?

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We've dispelled with

We've dispelled with formalities but sometimes she can be a little too chilled if you get my drift!

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This nothing is again something. This something is again everything. We're left with nothing blogged about. Something and everything. The siamese triplets joined at the joints.

And this haiku forces its gentle syllables into my reply:

There's nothing to blog
Somethings stirs my hand my pen
Everything's nothing

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Great haiku Quenntis Writing

Great haiku Quenntis

Writing comes to thee so well

Everything's roses

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Mary, Nothing to blog?


Nothing to blog? That's impossible as long as you live because you have to eat. So you grow vegetables that give colors to your garden, and everything you do becomes arts.
But if you want our requests, please let me know. Right now, I’m curious about the following.

1. Irish soda cakes (I once ate a piece at an Irish friend’s house. That was good.)
2. Irish oatmeal (I have tried it once but it took too long to cook.
Wow, I love “took too long to cook.” Many Os.)
That’s all I know.

If you know unique dishes, please write about them. Actually I want to know very simple dishes. Please write and make me want to cook. Thank you.

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Soda cakes easy peasy Keiko.

Soda cakes easy peasy Keiko. Oatmeal needs soaking........overnight! I will mail you the soda cakes or soda scones recipe. Thank you Keiko.

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Yay, Quenntis!

Your comment and you haiku were so fine. Good writing inspires and procreates that, Mary.