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Making Pumpkin Pie

Dinner time. Roasted pumpkin for the pie. Pastry that is light as my mother's hand. Dustings of flour on the kitchen counter top. Sieve. Spices of clove and nutmeg and the trusted cinnamon. My dreams are of cinnamon and allspice tinged with sugar. Brown  sugar and eggs fresh from the coop. Pastry. Keep the touch light, lift and use only the tips of your fingers. All in the touch. Roll lightly and with wood and keep turning in circles.  It  should be all in the lightness. The air. Never bake in a bad mood. Always wear socks and listen to Bach. Have two dogs watch you as you sift. Be thankful of your place in this world. Line the pan like it is a map of the world. Cut out the edges. Treat it like life. Treat it like a baby. Never be rough. Handle it with love. Prick the holes and ensure no air remains. Glance out the kitchen window now and then just to remind yourself of why you are here. Wipe the flour from your apron and watch it fall to the ancient wood floor, make an imprint on it with your feet. It might remind you of Spain. A beach where you walked topless along the sand, in clear water, a silly sunhat to keep you young as your skin turned into the colour of a baked pie. A cinnamon coating on your lips. A dusting of sand like sugar  that clings  to your toes.

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Nice to see you, m! I can

Nice to see you, m! I can smell the pumpkin pie, another favorite of mine. Ah, it’s your dinner time and it’s my late morning time. Trying to get myself out the door for a work day, about to log out, but wanted to drop by for a slice of pie and your words.

Enjoyed the reminiscences and wisdom rolled carefully into your pumpkin pie—thank you—now I’m off to start my day with sweetness and comfort to accompany me. :)

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Ah Rebb, have a great day!

Ah Rebb, have a great day! Funny to think of you beginning and me ending a day. I've saved you a piece of pie by the way.......mx

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This is so nice Mary!  Baking

This is so nice Mary!  Baking in the kitchen indeed reminds me of so many childhood memories.  I look forward to Thanksgiving which is not too far away now :-)

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The joy of baking Rina is

The joy of baking Rina is what keeps me ticking. Is there anything better than the sifting of flour and the transformation of basic ingredients into delicious flaky, light pastry. I always wanted to work with ceramics, perhaps become a potter, now I am in a way, only the end result is edible. mx

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Never bake when in a bad mood.

Interesting recipe instructions.  Have two dogs watching.  Glance out the kitchen window now and then just to remind yourself of why you are here. Good advice you have given us.  Certain to make our pies more perfect.  Oh, I am pleased you are getting eggs from your own hens now.  Can't have any fresher eggs than that.  (My own chicken experience was not so positive, but I am enjoying knowing about your success--without my having to do any of the work or be afraid of being pecked.)

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Ah the chickens Sue! Sadly

Ah the chickens Sue! Sadly our egg supply  dwindles and I blame it on the changing season. Chickens are demanding little critters. They baulk at the laying pellets and I am embarrassed to admit that I have fostered ''gourmet'' hens. They happen to love couscous and corn and oatmeal and mashed potatoes and roasted beetroot of all things. BTW the pie reciipe hails from The Joy of Cooking which I bought in Baltimore in 1988 as I delved into the nesting period of the pregnancy of my first son. The pages are stained and some fall out especially the pie pages and the brownie recipe of course. Sorry to learn of the recent trauma in your family. I trust all is now well. love mx

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Imprint of a Pumpkin Pie

Hello Mary,

You've painted the most beautiful and timeless imprint of a pumpkin pie that I've ever had the pleasure to taste!

Thank you for sharing. I shall always savor your imprint:-)

BTW- Did you ever find anything more with the Array?




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Thank Catherine! I bet you

Thank Catherine! I bet you make a great Pumpkin Pie! No more from the Array mystery person. Oh the power of the blog! mx

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Everything spice

I must say - I was in the kitchen with you - and truly believing there is love in baking. But I was captivated and found myself walking in the sand on the beach. Lovely post. Have a lovley week.


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Happy to learn that you were

Happy to learn that you were transported Sharon! I just put a Pumpkin Roll into the oven and took out some amazing looking Corn Muffins-want to drop by for a chat?!! mx

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pumpkin pie

Oh, Mares, now you have me hankering for Thanksgiving - which until now I was apprehensive about. My family and I love anything pumpkin, but cold pumpkin pie for breakfast on the morning after Thanksgiving is one of my favorite treats. With hot coffee, of course. 

But now I know why I make terrible crust. (I usually make pumpkin custard, sans crust, because no one eats my crust - with good reason.) I don't have two dogs to watch me while I sift. Perhaps I should borrow my neighbor's. :)

Enjoy your baking! 

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Dropping by

Ah dear Mary...someday I sincerely hope to drop by for a chat...I may surprise you.