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Love words

...at first

we took to saying,


it sounded hopeful back then

i suppose

Sometimes he added Bella

Ciao Bella never failed.

There were notes too

yellow post-it stickers

pasted to the fridge

the cereal boxes


on my pillow folded

into crumpled brown

paper lunch bags

stained with 


They always said the same;

love you, see you

later, miss you,

can't wait, heart

shapes and X's.

how frivolous those

curlicues of our

lovemaking seem now,

now that i see how

the prelude was only

part of our story where

the words quickly

became complicated

took up space and

the conclusion?

Well that was something

we never even



copyright 2012 mary p. wilkinson

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Oh, Mary, this is lovely

Oh, Mary, this is lovely beyond words. I'm torn by the ending, as it seems to imply that although you never considered the conclusion, you've seen it? 

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love words...

Thanks so much, Jodi. I suppose to be honest, I believe we all see the conclusion. It's inevitable. mx

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Simple, vivid, evocative,

Simple, vivid, evocative, fresh and so touching.  Brava Mary!

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How sweet of you,

How sweet of you, Katherine. 

Thank you.


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Love letters

love you, see you

later, miss you,

can't wait, heart

shapes and X's.


Not frivilous at all at the time--necessary and important messages. But frivilous in comparison to waits in waiting room, unending laundry, dishes dishes dishes--both cooked dishes and dirty dishes, arguments and disagreements, trust, faithfulness, staying power, determination, tolerance, death. Love Words perhaps no longer needed so much during the conclusion--but still always welcome--whether spoken or unspoken.  















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Oh Sue, touché! There is

Oh Sue, touché! There is nothing more I can say. mx

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Speechless in the wake of

Speechless in the wake of reading those words.



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Annette, this means a lot to

Annette, this means a lot to me. 

Thank you so much.


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Existential musings

This lovely, wistful poem is like a powerful brush stroke in a painting, but the picture is unfinished.

It's questing... It's putting out feelers into new areas of the canvas...and perhaps it begins to answer its own hesitation...

I wonder, is anything ever inevitable? Is it necessary to consider the conclusion when love has carried you thus far? The shape and content may change, rocks may be stumbled over... The life worth living is forged in Hope and Perseverance, tools to chisel fresh seams of gold.

Thanks for sharing. R.x.

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Existential musings...

Dear Rosy,

How beautiful your words are. Poetry on my page.

Yes, indeed, the picture is unfinished, much of the canvas untouched as of yet.

I do treasure your comment. It has given me great hope and so I will persevere, gather up my tools and chisel away with a renewed sense of belief.

Thank you. mx

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Love Words

Mary, your love words are lovely! Remind me of a short story I wrote called Dear Sugar. Do you have other poems?

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lovely words

Thanks so much, Irma. I have been busy lately compiling a bunch of poems for submission...my head is aswim with poetry at the moment. Enjoying every moment. Thanks for reading. m