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Lost in the Fog

I found, to my dismay, that any attempt I made to escape the fog proved to be futile. It came out of seemingly nowhere. When I left the house to walk down the road, the sun shone. Beyond, to the West, however, I saw a grey shroud that, to my naive estimation at the time, looked to be far away. By far away, I mean  back by the fold of green hills that roll  down by Liam's house. I felt confident that I would be able to make it there and back and in turn  ensure that the dogs had a decent run for the day. But as I walked forward, the fog encroached on my path like steam from a kettle that can suddenly cloud the kitchen window pane in mere seconds. I felt a sense of panic with the limited vision and wondered if the occasional car that might pass by could pick us out on the roadside. Within moments the fog had rolled in to where I stood and held me captive in its spiderish grip. The dogs looked bewildered but nevertheless continued to walk ahead. I considered my situation. In the far off distance I could make out the gable end of our house and decided to use it as a beacon. 

The warmth of the home was a comfort  to me as I opened the back door and I swore to myself  as I untied  my boots because I had deposited large black smears of mud on the rug.  Still, I thought, the mud would dry and the fog would pass. Eventually. The fog can be beautiful, from the inside looking out, delicate as a web it appears flimsy in spots and then just as easily, it can turn into a grey sticky treacle like matter. Just try walking in it though, when you become befuddled, swamped and trapped by a lost sense of  direction, even if you know that deep down underneath, beneath the surface of your being is a screaming to get out and  the way home is clear and navigable.  

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i used to love walking in

i used to love walking in the fog. i remember being at my uncle's lake cabin years ago and walking on the frozen lake. i watched as the fog rolled in over the lake. i felt so exhilerated being in a world of nothingness. fortuntely i was able to follow my footprints back. but i will never forget that feeling. (on the other hand - driving in fog - not so much)

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Glad you made it home.

Fog can be terrifying also when one is driving in it. We've had a lot of fog in the mornings this week because the ice was still on the lake and the ground still cold when warmer weather blew in. Today in Southern Illinois is lovely! We were comfortable outside in just light jackets. Sun shining.

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Sue, are your daffodils

Sue, are your daffodils peeping through in Woodsong? Before I left Windsong I noticed the green shoots appearing on the lawn. m

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that image of the fog

that image of the fog rolling in is romantic d. suspended on a frozen lake and still able to find your way back. m

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No daffodils...

If there have been any shoots, they are covered with snow right now. But spring will be here before we know it.

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I began the big job of

I began the big job of spring cleaning the garden this morning Sue. The sun was bright until the fog crept in again. m