where the writers are
I am nothing

They say; 

we are a grey area

an internal inquiry

a clinical review

They say;

we are patient safety

a Catholic country

we are medical records

& legally challenged

we are Data Protection Commissioners

and no Jurisdiction

we are unrecorded information

- documents

- establishing truths

- deliberations

- statements

- internal investigations

- reviews and reports

we are

- coroners

- condolences

we are

- shambolic

I say;

i am grief

- shame

- lost

- frozen

- angry

- stolen

I am nothing...


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Ouch. That is painful.

Ouch. That is painful.

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Ouch? If only...

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I was deliberately

I was deliberately understating.  I couldn't find words that were strong enough.

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touchy subject matter

...and I was being tetchy. Apologies Katherine. I should have known better. m

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You are NOT nothing --- you

You are NOT nothing --- you are a voice of reason, a voice of truth, a voice of honesty and friendship and love.  Never nothng, Mary.

It seems from the video that, according to her husband, the hospital's records are blank concerning her repeated requests for termination.  Their lawyer should certainly get to the bottom of that, but technically, a patient should not have to ASK to have her life saved --- that should be of paramount concern to the hospital and its doctors, that is her right as a human being. Even considering the catholic dogma against termination, when the fetus cannot be viable without the mother, seeing that in this case the mother will die if not terminated, it becomes a simple matter of medical logic, and I would assume the lawyer will argue on those grounds. 

I'm so,so sorry that this is so painful for you. In my novel, an Indian woman weaves a basket of sweet grass, that when you lift the lid you can still smell summer. Put your good memories of Savita in such a mental basket, stuff them in, and through the years, the sweetness will still be there and the ugly smells will have dissipated.  

Email me whenever you need.  Mx

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Thank you, Mara. I found the

Thank you, Mara. I found the video quite disturbing. It perpetuated all that I knew and feared. 

I will eventually find the sweet grass basket. Eventually.




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M: We are nothing when others


We are nothing when others decide what we are. Thanks for this.

After writing about the subject, I found a dam burst and people just responded.

Because we are nothing...identity slots are erased.



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We must keep going ~ f even

We must keep going ~ f even though some people would wish us to go away. Even nothing is something...m