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For just a moment...

For just a moment I thought I glimpsed you as you might be when you are old

when a tentative shuffle commands your gait and a slight paunch emanates 'neath a grey fleece designed to block out the freeze

a glimpse too of when my shadow no longer walks beside yours and you are but a lone figure on a December path

but no, I rush on, because it was then I stopped and called out to the dogs and told you how cold my fingers were, how despite the guarantee that came with the gloves, my hands felt like ice fragments about to fall

but still the vision came of  wisps of greying hair as it stole itself around your brow and tender nape

like stubborn ivy clung to tall trees or  as mildew that invisibly manifests itself as a superficial taint, 

did you know there is a rancid stealth to mildew, a history that builds in a multitude of layers, that eventually brings it to fruition

c mary wilkinson 2009

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very deep thoughts, my

very deep thoughts, my friend - and expressed beautifully.

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d, deep and true - m

d, deep and true - m